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Real Estate for Sale in Alanya Turkey

Alanya is one of the most popular touristic regions in Turkey. Each year, thousands of tourists who have a holiday in Alanya leaves the country satisfied with all conditions and decide to buy their own real estate for sale in Alanya Turkey.

If you have ever been to Alanya, you probably know why it is such a popular destination. The luxurious all-inclusive five-star hotels provide every need of their guests., the weather is always incredible, there are a lot of tourist attractions. If you buy a real estate in Alanya, you will get to fully enjoy these treasures anytime you want. Living in Alanya will guarantee that you will have a chance to spend all your time feeling like you are on an eternal holiday.

Buying real estate in Alanya is so popular for a reason. All the properties within are modern, luxurious, and elite. The neighbourhoods are lovely, full of friendly faces. Almost everyone speaks English and many other languages fluently. Social facilities are very advanced, and they offer everything you might need.

  1. Real estate for sale in Alanya
  2. Best places to buy real estate for sale in Alanya Turkey
  3. Frequently asked questions about real estate for sale in Alanya
    1. Can I find cheap real estate for sale in Alanya?
    2. Can I find luxury real estate for sale in Alanya?
    3. Is it good to invest in real estate in Turkey Alanya?
    4. Is it a good time to buy property in Turkey?
    5. Is Alanya good for living?
    6. Can I get a Turkish citizenship by property investment in Turkey?
  4. Pros & cons of living in Alanya

Real estate for sale in Alanya

Alanya Turkey real estate offers countless options to everyone with every kind of taste and budget. It is possible to find a full sea view real estate in Alanya with a private swimming pool, security systems, and tasteful decorations. You can also find cheap Alanya real estate as well as luxurious seafront villas with private swimming pools.

Our villas for sale in Alanya have swimming pools, security systems, tastefully decorated bedrooms, living rooms, handy kitchens, and multiple balconies with sea and city view and everything else you might want and need. If you prefer a more modern life, you can also check out our modern and luxurious apartments that carry the same qualities.

Holiday homes for sale in Alanya, holiday villas for rent in Alanya, luxurious apartments for rent in Alanya, cheap properties for sale in Alanya are all accessible options and they all offer wide price ranges.

Apart from residential properties, you can buy a commercial property for sale in Alanya to carry and conduct your business here. Alanya offers good job opportunities, especially for tourism, which is very profitable and full of advantages.

Best places to buy real estate for sale in Alanya Turkey

The best places to buy real estate for sale in Alanya Turkey are Demirtas, Kargicak, Mahmutlar, Kestel, Tosmur, Oba, Avsalar, and Konakli. All these districts have unique qualities, wide price ranges, and modern properties.

We can safely say that Mahmutlar, without doubt, is a perfect location for both holiday makers and expats in Alanya. It offers a very calm, holiday free environment as well as wonderful and high life standards.

Both Kargicak and Kestel are seafront districts that offer sea view Alanya villas for sale. Both offer good life standards and more affordable prices compared to Mahmutlar district.

Avsallar offers a peaceful lifestyle where you can spend your weekends by seafront restaurants, cafes, or bars as well as swimming with your family or friends.

Tosmur is very close to Mahmutlar and is very residential. Tosmur is a seaside district that offers a wide range of shopping alternatives as well as many seafront luxury restaurants, cafes, and bars to spend time with your loved ones.

If you prefer a luxury real estate, Bektash, Kargicak, Mahmutlar, Avsallar are the best options for you. Real estate in city centre also has luxurious options. Near Cleopatra Beach, city centre is very profitable. You will be close to everything you need and get to spend your times fully in peace.

Villas in these neighbourhoods offer sea view, mountain view, and city view. They have private swimming pools and shared swimming pools. They offer easy access to the city centre and other close districts.

You can get both moderate and luxurious apartments for sale in Alanya in Oba, Tosmur, Kestel, Cikcilli, Avsallar, Kargicak, and the city centre. Many of the real estate for sale in these neighbourhoods has sea and mountain views and swimming pools. You can also find studio apartments for sale in Alanya Turkey on ground floor, which is an affordable option. Check our website for further information and more varied options for real estate in Alanya.

Feel free to use our free consultation service. contact us for more information about the districts and neighbourhoods in Alanya and real estate prices.

Frequently asked questions about real estate for sale in Alanya

  1. Can I find cheap real estate for sale in Alanya?

Alanya is one of the most elite and luxury residential areas in Turkey. The Alanya Turkey real estate is generally very modern, luxurious, and relatively less affordable than most cities in Turkey.

However, Alanya is still considered budget friendly compared to the bigger cities in Turkey including Istanbul or most of the European cities. You can find moderate and reasonably priced apartments on the inner parts of the city. A ground floor flat will be even cheaper.

Although Alanya is generally very elite, it is possible to find cheap Alanya apartments for sale or properties for rent. You can find real estate for sale for as few as 70.000 $ in Alanya, even cheaper if you are lucky. To get more precise numbers, check out our webize and contact us.

  1. Can I find luxury real estate for sale in Alanya?

As we have sad before, Alanya is very luxurious and elite. Your life in Alanya will be luxurious and full of tranquillity. If you don’t have financial concerns, we recommend you Mahmutlar district. Mahmutlar offers both a wonderful holiday and a residential environment for expats. You can buy a holiday home for sale in Alanya Mahmutlar and spend you summer months here or settle in Alanya permanently.

Alanya seafront villas for sale are very accessibly and wonderful. You can wake up to beautiful views each day. You can swim in your private swimming pool and spend time in your large garden in your real estate for sale in Alanya.

  1. Is it good to invest in real estate in Turkey Alanya?

Turkey offers relatively cheap real estate for sale compared to most European cities. This is a lucky result of the foreign currency rates in Turkey. As a European citizen, you can easily afford the most luxury real estate for sale in Turkey a Turkish citizen with a moderate income can’t.

You should note that due to the affordable prices and wonderful living spaces, buying Turkish real estate is getting more and more popular among the foreigners, which increases the value of the Turkish property for sale. Thus, an apartment may be double priced compared to the last year and may worth double as much as it does next year this time.

If a new project is centred around on certain neighbourhoods or if the area is coastal and elite, there is no reason for your property in those areas to lose value. The exact opposite, it will surely gain value and refund your money! Buying a real estate in Turkey Alanya is a great way of investing wisely.

If you compare the prices of real estate of a couple years back with that of now, you will be shocked to see how much of a value they have gained. You can be sure that this increase is stable and the real estate in Turkey for sale you buy today will worth much more a couple of years later.

Plus, you don’t have to actively live in your Alanya property for sale, you can simply rent it, or you can use it as a holiday home only during the long summers of Alanya.

These facts mean that if you want to make a profit out of your real estate for sale in Alanya Turkey, you need to act quickly. Feel free to contact us and get more information about which districts and properties offer the most profit.

  1. Is it a good time to buy property in Turkey?

Considering the raising prices of the last 2 years, you might be confused, asking is it a good time to buy property in Turkey. You have all the rights to be confused but it is not necessary.

As we have mentioned above, Turkish real estate for sale has been gaining an incredible amount of value over the recent years. If you invest now, you can be sure that you will get a good profit out of it.

  1. Is Alanya good for living?

Yes, Alanya is a wonderful city to buy a real estate for sale in Turkey. However, apart from all the other cities, why Alanya?

The answer to this question is not narrow. There are many factors that make Alanya perfect.

For starters, lying on the Mediterranean seacoast, Alanya offers you a wonderful climate and a guaranteed sunshine all year long. The summers last exceptionally long in Alanya, as much as 6 months. The winters are quite mild while the summers are hot. You might experience a calming, beautiful Mediterranean rein time to time in winters, which purifies your soul.

Natural possessions are also wonderful in Alanya. You can spend your spear times walking around the city, hiking, cycling, and swimming. Alanya is a modern and elite city but here you can get to enjoy nature as well.

Alanya offers great job opportunities as well, especially in the tourism and agriculture sectors. You will get the conditions you need to start your own business here. Tourism related businesses offer a high profits and big advantages. You can also find a commercial property for sale in Turkey Alanya.

Apart from all these, we need to add that you won’t have to speak Turkish after you buy a real estate for sale in Alanya Turkey. Language barrier is not a thing here. As the city is so full of expats and tourists, the locals are very familiar with them and their languages. Almost everyone speaks English fluently, not to mention German, Russian, Spanish, and French languages that are widely spoken. However, you won’t have hardships learning Turkish if you want to connect with the locals on a deeper level.

If you have children, their education also shouldn’t fear you. In Alanya, you can find international schools that offer throughout education to your child. The lessons in these schools are taught by the most experienced and qualified teachers, following the best curriculums.

Social facilities are also great in Alanya. Gyms, spar, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, malls, shopping centres, entertainment centres all offer a wonderful service.

  1. Can I get a Turkish citizenship by property investment in Turkey?

Turkey allows foreign investors to get a Turkish passport and Turkish citizenship by investment. All you need to do is to buy a property worth over 250.000 $ and apply to the necessary instructions. Both your Turkish citizenship and Turkish passport will be with you in 1-3 months. Afterwards, you are not supposed to sell your property for three years, but you won’t have to spend this period in the country. You can also rent your property.

Properties for rent in Alanya are also very profitable. During your waiting period, you can make a profit out of your real estate for sale in Alanya. After the three-year waiting period, you can sell your real estate or keep it, your citizenship and passport will stay with you.

Pros & cons of living in Alanya



The daily life is both very calm and fun

Alanya might get too crowded in summers

The weather is incredible, there is a sunshine all year long

It rains time to time in winters and summers might get too hot

Hospitals, international schools, social facilities, and shopping alternatives are very vast and advanced

There aren’t much job opportunities apart from tourism, agriculture, and health sectors

Alanya is very luxurious and elite

Real estate prices are higher than most cities in Turkey

Your living space will be surrounded by natural wonders

Daily life costs are higher than most cities in Turkey

Suitable for Turkish passport

Alanya modern apartments close to the beach

Alanya / Center

The building is just within walking distance there are the Alanya beach, supermarkets, shops, weekly Bazaar, pharmacies, cafes, schools, public transportation system.

Property Nr.
Completion year
1+1 , 2+1 , 3+1
60 - 255 m²
Price from 120,000 €
read more

Alanya Mahmutlar well located modern complex

Alanya / Center

The building is built on a hill, so the Windows of any apartment, starting from the 5th floor, offer an unforgettable view of the Mediterranean sea. The total area of the complex is 4250 m2, and the green and residential area together - 3490 m2.

Property Nr.
Completion year
studio,1+1 , 2+1 ,3+1
38 - 145 m²
Price from 94,000 €
read more

Alanya beach point spacious villa for sale

Alanya / Center

The floors throughout the Villa are heated. There is a large beautiful fireplace and the villa has equipped by smart home system. Thus, you can manage it using the Internet from anywhere in the world.

Property Nr.
Completion year
250 m²
Price 350,000 €
read more
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