Buy property for sale in Antalya 2024

Suitable for Turkish passport
60 Month

New Investment Opportunity Antalya Turkey

Antalya / Konyaalti

New Investment Opportunity Antalya Turkey are 4  blocks in the complex equipped fire protection system and automatic lighting underground parking, generator, swimming pool, children's pool, round the clock security and video surveillance system, gazebo for relaxing, automatic irrigation system, and LED-illuminated areas, a fitness room.

Property Nr.
Completion year
95 m²
Price 144,000 €
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60 Month

New Build Apartments in Kepez Antalya for Sale

Antalya / Kepez

Apartments in Kepez Antalya for Sale available in a complex with: swimming pools, fitness center, sauna, tennis court, basketball court as well as a variety of social activities. Apartments with a very affordable price

Property Nr.
Completion year
2+1, 3+1
100 - 120 m²
Price from 145,000 €
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60 Month

Stylish New Build Apartments in Hurma Konyaalti for Sale

Antalya / Konyaalti

Advantage of Stylish New Build Apartments in Hurma Konyaalti for Sale is special payment plan for 5 years  you can pay 50% in cash to get title of deed and 50% installments in 5 year.

Property Nr.
Completion year
66 - 97 m²
Price from 120,000 €
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24 Month

Properties with Payment Plan in Konyaalti Antalya

Antalya / Konyaalti

Advantage of these properties is special payment plan for 2 years and its attract investors to buy properties in konyaalty antalya with more comfortable system.
also you can buy property with full furniture which needs to pay 25000 lira more for 2 bedroom and 35000 lira more for 3 bedroom apartment furniture .

Property Nr.
Completion year
95 - 152 m²
Price from 111,000 €
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2 Bedroom Flats in Hurma Konyaalti Antalya for Sale

Antalya / Konyaalti

you can own a 2 bedroom flat with 73000 euro in Hurma with mountain view and very close to konyaalti beach .

Property Nr.
Completion year
95 m²
Price 143,000 €
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Brand new Apartments in Caglayan Lara

Antalya / Lara

offer you 3 bedroom apartments with two bathroom and two balcony for sale. 
in this project you can find garden , children play ground , swiming pool .

Property Nr.
Completion year
160 m²
Price 197,000 €
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Exclusive Apartment Project Lara Antalya Turkey

Antalya / Lara

in center of lara fener mahallesi which you can find many modern bar cafe and restaurants also banks , school and shopping centers like terra city are very close.

Property Nr.
Completion year
3+1, 4+1
150 - 200 m²
Price from 192,000 €
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4 bedroom property for sale in hurma konyaalti

Antalya / Konyaalti

konyaalti beach is 1 km far from property social facilities bank hospital and transport is just a few minute. price is less than normal price of hurma area and its good oportunity for property investors .

Property Nr.
Completion year
150 m²
Price 276,000 €
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Property for sale in Antalya

Antalya is one of the big cities in Turkey, which has become one of the most popular tourist destinations since the country changed its policy and turned to the tourism industry.

There is an interesting point about the real estate market and buying a house in Antalya. This city is the second city in Turkey in terms of buying a house in Turkey and investing in real estate in Turkey. On average, 30% of foreign tourists who travel to Turkey choose Antalya for sightseeing.

Antalya is the fifth largest and most populated coastal city among Turkish cities. In 2019, the population of Antalya city is estimated at 2,500,000 people. The height of this city is only 35 meters above sea level and it is located between the Taurus Mountains. Archaeological findings show that they have been living in this city since 300 BC.

Its establishment as a city dates back to 150 years before Christ. At the time,the king who ruled this city was named Attalus II. It is said that the name of the city of Antalya means the house of Attalus. At that time, this city was in the hands of the Romans.

In the 13th century, the Seljuk Turks captured this city and made it their capital. At the end of the 14th century, the Ottoman government emerged and took control of Antalya. Until 1921, this city did not have a clear fate until Atatürk freed this city from foreign occupation and became part of Turkey.

For more information about the prices and types of properties available in other cities in Turkey, visit the real Estate for Sale in Antalya.

Buying a house in Antalya

A view of residential units in Antalya

The people of Antalya are fluent in English and if you are not fluent in Turkish, you need not to worry. In the city of Antalya, there are public transportations such as buses, minibuses, trolleys, ferries, boats, etc., which are very cheap and cover almost all parts of Antalya.

In terms of weather, most of the days in this city are sunny. This city experiences 300 sunny days a year. Due to the existence of Taurus mountains that prevent the wind from blowing, the temperature of this city sometimes reaches 40 degrees in summer and varies between 10 and 20 degrees in winter.

Due to the fact that the tourism industry is very active in this city and Antalya is becoming more advanced day by day, the house buying and selling market in Antalya is very prosperous.
In this article, we are going to introduce the neighborhoods of Antalya for buying houses and houses for sale in Antalya Turkey, so that if you are planning to invest in this city or you are planning to choose Antalya to live, you will get to know the conditions of selling houses in its neighborhoods. Stay with us until the end of this article.

Advantages of buying a property in Antalya

Obtaining permanent and temporary Turkish residence by buying a property in Antalya

By buying a house in Antalya for 75,000 US dollars, you will get a temporary residence permit in Turkey. If the amount you pay to buy a house in Antalya reaches 400,000 US dollars, you can apply for permanent residence in Turkey after receiving the document.

A large number of foreigners in Antalya

Antalya's popularity in construction has made many foreigners immigrate to Antalya or invest in it. For this reason, by buying a house in Antalya, you will not feel strange and far from your homeland.
Also, the presence of foreigners from European countries such as Russia, Ukraine, The Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Denmark, etc. has caused the culture of the people of Antalya to change to immigrant-friendly, and the people of Antalya treat immigrants very well.

International schools and universities

In Antalya, there are several international schools that teach in different languages. Universities in Antalya also teach in both Turkish and English, which can be good news for those who want to study in Antalya and then buy a house.

The lower price to buy property in Antalya compared to the central cities of Turkey

The price of buying a house in Antalya is lower than in Istanbul and Ankara, and considering the boom in buying and selling houses in Antalya, you will not have any problem selling the house you bought quickly.
Due to the fact that Antalya is far from the center of Turkey, it is far from the conflicts and political tensions of Turkey, and it is seen more as a tourist city, and the policy of the Turkish government is to maintain peace and provide tourist facilities in Antalya. For this reason, the people of Antalya are more relaxed than the central cities of Turkey.

A train in the beautiful city of Antalya

A train in the beautiful city of Antalya

The daily price of land for sale in Antalya on the following page:

Variation of price and geographical location

The variety of prices and areas of Antalya is one of the advantages of buying a house in Antalya. You will have many choices for buying a house in Antalya according to your taste and budget. Kepez region is far from the sea and at the same time it is developing.

Lara area is close to the sea coast and full of life facilities. Konyaalti area is also increasing in popularity day by day and is one of the new coastal areas of Antalya.
Muratpaşa has preserved its traditional texture to some extent and is more traditional than other regions. You can choose one of the rocky views of Lara Beach to buy a house in Antalya or buy a house in Kepez with a view of the Taurus Mountains.

The variety of meterage and price is also great in Antalya. You can find from 40-50 m2 one-bedroom houses in Antalya for around 90,000-100,000 EUR to luxurious multi-million euro houses. There is a lot of diversity in Antalya.

Excellent facilities of Antalya houses

Most of the houses built in Antalya have very good facilities. Regardless of whether the apartment is built in a large residential project or independently, or the villa you are looking for is part of a villa settlement or independent, it has a swimming pool, parking, sauna and jacuzzi, CCTV, smart system, security, space It will be green, gazebo, part of home electrical appliances, etc.

Second-hand houses for sale in Antalya, in addition to these facilities, also have all the household appliances and furniture. This furniture will include all kinds of appliances such as split, hood, oven, furniture, carpet, etc.

It is possible to buy a house in Antalya in person

If you decided to buy a house in Antalya but it was not possible for you to come to Antalya to check the houses or you have no information about the different areas of Antalya, there is no need to worry. Our consultants in Antalya Estate with several years of experience in buying and selling houses in Antalya are at your service to guide you.

To get advice, all you have to do is to call the phone number of Antalya Estate.
After getting advice and choosing the desired area and neighborhood, the real estate consultant in Antalya will visit the houses in person and show you online any house that fits your budget, and at the same time, the features and facilities of each one. And it also describes the location of the house for you.

House for sale in Antalya

A photo of the Antalya market

Whichever of the houses you like, the real estate consultant in Antalya will start the work related to the transfer of the documents and checking the dates, etc., so that everything is ready for your presence. After finishing the work, you must go to Antalya to sign the final document and continue the work. In this way, you don't have to spend huge expenses for accommodation and checking houses, and your money and time will be saved.

Properties for sale in Lara

Lara is one of the main districts of Antalya, which is located in its eastern part. In general, this area has expensive houses, but according to each neighborhood, house prices change.
Lara has long beaches and is surrounded by high cliffs, the height of which reaches 50 meters.

Due to the rocky nature of Lara beach, several routes have been placed for tourists to go to the sea, which pass through these rocks. The reason for the fame and expensiveness of Lara houses is the unique natural scenery created by these rocks by the sea.

To get to Lara's 20-30m wide sandy beach strip, you need to go east of Antalya from the intersection of Lara with Kondu area. In terms of tourism, Lara is one of the most popular tourist spots in Antalya.
In this neighborhood there are many tourist places such as Kaleici, Old Port, Antalya Museum, Yivli minare Mosque, Archeology Museum, Toy Museum, Mini City Museum, Ataturk House Museum, Underwater Museum, Sunan Inan Museum, Belek Golf Club, Saturday Bazaar and Terra City.

There are many good water activities in Lara Beach. Some of these water activities are as follows:
Boating, jet skiing, beach volleyball, beach soccer, diving, beach soccer field, beach volleyball, water sports
In addition to recreation and recreational facilities, Lara is full of various attractions for life and tourism.

The public transportation system with low price, the existence of shopping centers such as TerraCity, Laura, branches of Migros, Kipa, Carrefour, Makro, the weekly Lara market on Saturdays, etc. are among the facilities of life in Lara. Lara is considered one of the most famous areas of Antalya in terms of business and having business centers. Construction growth in Lara started about 40 years ago.

Medical Park Hospitals, Yaşam, Lara Anadolu, BSK Lara, Medical Park Gynecological Medical Center are among the private hospitals of Antalya in Lara. In addition to the hospital, there are several private dental and health beauty clinics. If it is important for you to be close to the government hospital to buy a house in Lara, we must say that there is no government hospital in Lara.

Lara can be considered the most luxurious and expensive area to buy a house in Antalya. Among the different areas of Lara, its coastal areas have more fans and are more expensive than other areas.
Areas such as Şirinyalı, Fener, Çağlayan, Kondu, Güzeloba are among the most popular and expensive neighborhoods in Lara, both for living and for tourism.

If you are looking for second-hand houses for sale in Antalya and you want to live in one of the areas of Lara, there are areas of Lara that are not coastal and are cheaper than the coastal areas.

Despite the lower prices of these areas, most expats and foreigners prefer to buy houses in Antalya from more prosperous areas. So, if you buy a house in Lara from areas such as Ermenek, Yenigöl, Güzelbağ, Yeşilköy, don't expect many foreigners to live there.

To find out about the property rental conditions in this area of Antalya, refer to the following page:

House with sea view in Antalya

Villas and apartments in Antalya with sea and beach views

There is an important point that the closer you are to the beach in Lara, the higher the price of buying a house in Lara and the higher the culture of the people.
Because of the large number of foreigners and immigrants in these areas, the culture of the native people has been affected and they behave well with the immigrants. Due to the fact that renting or selling a house in Lara is booming in coastal areas, many European investors choose these areas.

Properties for sale in caglayan

One of the best areas to buy and sell a house in Lara is to buy a house in Caglayan. Çağlayan is one of the coastal areas of Lara, which is also close to the center of Lara and has good access to the transportation system, shopping centers, medical and educational centers. This area is one of the most expensive areas to buy a house in Lara and even to buy a house in Antalya.

Eski Lara Street, which is considered the most important and luxurious street, is located in caglayan area. The closer the house is to this street, the higher its price will be.

Properties for sale in sirinyali

Among the houses for sale in Antalya, Turkey, the houses in sirinyali area of Lara are famous for their special facilities and large apartments and villas. Most of the houses for sale in sirinyali have a large area, and the price floor for buying and selling houses in sirinyali starts from 200,000 euros.

Living in the popular city of Antalya

Living in the popular city of Antalya

sirinyali is located in the westernmost part of Lara and a part of the famous Eski Lara street is located in this neighborhood.
Several private Lara hospitals, including Memorial, Medical Park, are located in Şirinyalı area.

Properties for sale in Fener

One of the average areas for buying and selling houses in Lara is buying houses in Fener. Fener is known for its relatively good neighborhood and is perfect for those looking for a good neighborhood or amenities.
This neighborhood has very good access to Terracity shopping center. Also, there are many second-hand houses for sale in Fener Antalya, most of them are sold furnished.

Properties for sale in Guzeloba

One of the famous neighborhoods of Lara is its Guzeloba neighborhood. This neighborhood is considered one of the most suitable and developing neighborhoods of Lara. For a few years, the pace of this area was not well known, but day by day, the number of people interested in buying a house in Guzeloba is increasing. This neighborhood is located near Antalya International Airport.

Properties for sale in Konyaalti

One of the best areas of Antalya for recreation and life is a neighborhood called Konyaalti in its west. Most of the beaches of Konyaalti have a blue flag, which means that the coastal waters and the beach environment are clear and clean. The coastal strip of this area is about 8 km. Konyaalti has public beaches with public facilities. Most of Konyaalti beaches are pebbly.

In addition to the excellent transportation system that covers almost all areas of Konyaalti, this region has a marine transportation system including boats and cruise ships that you can use for recreation or to go to other areas. Konyaalti Water Sports is one of the most attractive water sports in Antalya and has a very good reputation.

One of the historical and old places of Konyaalti is the old Lycan road, which is 500 kilometers long. In Konyaalti, there is a dedicated beach for women, which is very spacious.
There are also medical centers next to this beach. Currently, the construction of the cable car in Konyaalti is also underway. Konyaalti Water Park is one of the most amazing water parks in Antalya and even Turkey.

Dolphin breeding is done in part of this water park and you can watch dolphins. Near this park, an aquarium with a length of several hundred meters has been built, where about 10,000 types of fish are kept.
Antalya football stadium is also located in this area where Turkish Super League matches are held. If you like to watch football, maybe buying a house in Konyaalti is a good option for you.

The attractions of the beach and the beautiful nature of Konyaalti have made foreign tourists choose this area for recreation. Many of these tourists come to Konyaalti to buy a house in Antalya and buy a house in this neighborhood.

The number of foreigners living in Konyaalti and buying houses in Konyaalti is very high. There is a wide range of prices in Konyaalti and you can find from mid-priced apartments to luxury apartments and from medium-sized villas to luxury villas. In general, buy an apartment in Antalya is a good option due to its special facilities.

Almost all the houses under construction in Konyaalti have facilities like swimming pool, sauna, gym, 24-hour security, video surveillance system, etc. Capitalists and companies engaged in construction in Konyaalti are among the best and most reliable construction companies in Turkey and even Europe.

For this reason, the houses built in this area are of the highest quality and highest level in terms of architecture and materials. Some residential complexes in Konyaalti are no different from a 5-star hotel in terms of facilities, and this is the reason why the house buying and selling market in Konyaalti is booming.
Ek Deniz University, which is the largest university in Antalya province, is located in Konyaalti district.

If you intend to check second-hand houses for sale in Antalya and Konyaalti area, study in this university. We must say that Konyaalti has many second-class villas and apartments that vary in size, facilities, and prices.
There is also a government hospital in Konyaalti district. Several private hospitals, private medical centers and dental centers operate in this area.

On average, the price of buying a house in Konyaalti is 5 to 10% lower than the price of buying a house in Lara, and this has made many foreigners want to buy a house in Konyaalti. Especially since it is expected that in the next few years, the price of real estate in Konyaalti will increase several times.

Buying a house in the center of Antalya

A view of Antalya city center

Konyaalti is considered a more modern region than Lara. Apartments and villas in this area are more modern than Lara, while they have lower prices. Konyaalti streets are built with the principles of modern urban planning. Also, this area is famous for its greenery.

For information on the prices of luxury beach villas, refer to the following page:

Properties for sale in Arapsuyu

One of the main areas for buying and selling houses in Konyaalti is Arapsuyu district. This area is famous for having Migros 5 store, which is the biggest Migros store in Antalya city. The presence of this store along with the football stadium, game city, several restaurants, cafes, cinema near Migros 5 store, etc. has made it famous and the high price of buying a house in Arapsuyu.

Properties for sale in Hurma

Most of the houses that are bought and sold in Hurma have very beautiful views. Because Hurma is close to the tourist area of Çakirlar. In addition to this recreational area, the presence of Boğaçayı river has given Hurma a special attraction. Many foreigners choose Hurma neighborhood to buy a house in Antalya. Hurma does not have a beach, but it is located near the Taurus Mountains.

You can buy one of Hurma's beautiful apartments or villas with a view of mountains and cypress forests. Hurma borders Liman neighborhood and the nearest weekly market in Hurma is held in Liman district on Tuesdays.

Properties for sale in Liman

Liman port area is considered as one of the luxury areas of Konyaalti. Many new and luxurious residential projects have been built in this area. In addition to being newly built, most of the houses in Liman have beautiful facilities and views. Walk sports complex is located in this neighborhood. Also, many regional offices are located in this area.

Compared to other regions of Konyaalti, the population of Russians in this region is very large. After Russians, Ukrainians and Kazakhs have the largest number of foreigners in Liman. Migros, Carrefour, Makro, Bim stores have branches in Liman.

Due to the high number of foreigners in Liman, the houses built there have different architectures and suit the taste of the people of each country, and this has made the houses of this area particularly attractive in terms of urban planning.

Properties for sale in Sarisu

One of the neighborhoods that you can choose to buy a house in Antalya is Sarisu neighborhood, which is one of the touristic and beach areas of Konyaalti. This beach has many facilities that are free for public use. Metro store, which is one of the famous stores in Antalya and usually has reasonable prices, also has a branch in this neighborhood.

Properties for sale in Kepez

One of the most populated areas of Antalya is the Kepez area. Kepez has no beach and it is the largest area of Antalya. Kapez starts from Çakanlar road and continues to the northern border of Antalya. According to the 2020 census, the population of Capes was around 600,000. Kepez has 68 districts.

The vastness of the land and the presence of virgin land for construction and the lack of a beach have made Kepez a very reasonable price for buying a house in Antalya. Until a few years ago, this area was inhabited only by native people and the style of building was limited to traditional buildings.

The beautiful city of Antalya at night

The beautiful city of Antalya at night

But in the last few years, special attention has been paid to Kapez and very beautiful buildings with mountain views and cypress forests have been built and it has pushed Kepez towards progress and modernity.
There are both buses and trams in Kepez, and you will not have any problems with public transportation.

It takes only 10 minutes from the northernmost point to the southernmost point of Kepez by bus, and there are very good conditions for you to move between different areas of Kepez. It takes 30 minutes to go to the airport by taxi and 40 to 50 minutes by bus.

Antalya bus terminal is located in the southern part of Kepez. You can use buses from this terminal to go to other cities like Istanbul and Ankara or coastal cities like Kalkan, Kas, Bodrum, etc.
One of the advantages of living in Kepez is the existence of its medical centers. The largest public hospital in Antalya is built in Kepez.

In addition to the government hospital, there are several private hospitals in Kapez.
In addition to agriculture and animal husbandry, there are also industrial activities in Kepez. Yeşıl Antalya industrial town, cotton weaving factories, ferrochrome, cement and Kepez hydropower plant are located in this area.
Düden Waterfall, Varsak Water Park, Anatolian Toy Museum, Once Upon a Time Antalya Museum, Anatolian Martyrs Museum, Modern Art Gallery, Antalya Science Center and Open Space Museum, Antalya Zoo, etc. are some of the sightseeing places in Kepez. In Capes there is a park where there are statues of animated legends that are very interesting for children.

Also, Antalya Zoo is located in Kepez, which not only seeing animals, but also other entertainments that are prepared for families, especially for families with children, has made this park one of the most popular tourist areas.

Kepez is one of the most suitable areas for long-term investment between 5 and 10 years to buy a house in Antalya. Because there will probably still be land for construction until then, and after the completion of the land for building houses, the price of buying a house in Kepez will increase dramatically.

If proximity to shopping centers is important to you in order to buy a house in Kepez, we must say that Kepez does not lack anything in terms of shopping centers. In this area, there are shopping centers such as Arasta, Bauhaus, Depo, which are very famous and popular in Antalya. There are also hypermarkets such as Migros, Bim, etc. in Kepez.

If you are looking for second-hand houses for sale in Antalya, check out the second-hand houses in Kepez. You will probably be surprised by the low amount, convenient features and terms of buying a home.

Properties for sale in Varsak

One of the neighborhoods with good weather in Kepez is Varsak neighborhood. This neighborhood is relatively cheap and most of its houses are apartments. Varsak is about 8 km from Antalya city center and 15 km from Lara and Konyaalti. The price of buying a house in Varsak is moderate and cheap, and there is a lot of variety in choosing a house.

Properties for sale in Goksu

It can be said that the most expensive neighborhood for buying and selling a house in Kepez is Goksu neighborhood. This neighborhood will have very good conditions in the future and is improving day by day. Compared to other neighborhoods in Kepez, more foreigners choose Göksu to buy a house in Antalya or check a house for sale in Antalya, Turkey.

A view of the city of Antalya

A view of the city of Antalya

Real estate activists in Kepez believe that this area, with its luxury apartments and complexes, will attract many immigrants and investors in the next few years.

Properties for sale in Altinova

One of the options to check out when looking for a home for sale in Antalya, Turkey is the Altinova Kepez neighborhood. This area is less far from Antalya International Airport than other areas of Kepez. Altinova is famous for its many shopping centers. Matras leather store is one of the best and most famous leather stores in Turkey, it has a branch in Altinova.

Altinova has very good conditions for a friend's car. Because most of the representatives of major car manufacturers, such as Toyota, Volkswagen, Citroen, etc., have branches in Altınova. Apart from car dealerships, IKEA, Metro, Agora and Depot stores also have branches in this neighborhood. Altinova is considered a very good option for buying a house in Antalya for shopping lovers.

Properties for sale in Muratpasa

One of the attractive areas of Antalya is Muratpasa area. This region has 54 districts. It is bordered by Kepez to the north, Aksu to the east and Konyaalti to the west. In total, Muratpasa has 20 kilometers of coastline. One of the historical places of Muratpasa is the existence of the city of Kaleici, which is said to have been the first settlement of the people of Antalya. In fact, the date of residence in Antalya is the same as the date of residence in Muratpasa.

The houses of Kaleici along with the houses of Balbi were built in honor of the king of that time, which is now known as the Three Gates. In addition to Barkalichi, Yuli Minaret built in the 19th century, Muratpaşa Mosque built in 1570, Karatai School, etc. are among the historical monuments of Muratpaşa region and indicate the change of architectural style in this region.

In Muratpaşa region, there are several historical places in the architectural style of the Seljuk kings. The name of this area is taken from the name of Muratpaşa Mosque located in this area. This area has an area of 92 km and has an area of 8800 hectares. Muratpasa is one of the densely populated areas of Antalya and has a population of about 500,000 people. The Mediterranean climate prevails in Muratpasa region. Hot and dry summers and mild and rainy winters are the climatic conditions of Muratpaşa.

Muratpasa region has very good conditions in terms of the labor market. In Muratpaşa, in addition to agriculture, animal husbandry and serving tourists during the tourist season, there are several food factories, food sales center, etc. Most of these factories are related to fishing.

Mountain pavilions in Antalya

Mountain pavilions in Antalya

In terms of the public transportation system, you will not have any problems in Muratpasa.
This area has two tram lines and several bus stations. Due to its rich history, Muratpaşa has many historical works in its heart and the people of Muratpaşa are very interested in reading books.

By buying a house in Muratpasa, you have access to both recreational and living facilities in Konyaalti and the facilities in Lara, while you pay a lower price for buying a house in Muratpasa. Compared to other areas of Antalya, Muratpaşa's architectural style is more traditional.

Conditions for buying second-hand properties for sale in Antalya

Many investors or expats are looking for second-hand houses for sale in Antalya instead of investing in first-class houses. This is done for several reasons. Buying from large projects you have to enter into a deal with the construction company, but when you decide to buy a second-hand house for sale, you will buy it from the owner and a real person.

By buying a second hand apartment; You can enjoy several advantages by spending less money:

• Apartments and villas of the second category are sold with the same conditions as construction projects for a lower amount.
• Most of these houses are furnished and have all the necessities of life so you don't need to spend money on household items and furniture.
• The second category of a house does not mean that it is old. Because many houses are pre-purchased by investors during construction projects and then sold immediately or shortly after the completion of the project to invest elsewhere.
Usually, these people sell their houses at a lower price than the construction company, so that a buyer can be found for it as quickly as possible.
• Second-hand houses for sale in Antalya are deeded and part of the tax has been paid, and you don't need to pay as much tax as the first-hand house.
Also, in such houses, the costs of water, electricity, gas, etc. are given, and no amount is charged for these cases either.

The difference between buying a house from construction projects and second-hand houses for sale in Antalya is in the payment method. Usually, manufacturing companies consider good conditions for buyers.
Giving loans, paying in installments, which in many cases are done without bank interest, are among the conditions of construction companies for selling houses in Antalya, Turkey.

But when you decide to buy a second-hand house, you have to pay the whole amount in one go.
There is an important point about buying second-hand houses for sale in Antalya, be sure to consult your trusted real estate advisors about these houses.

Because in such projects where the construction company is not involved, there is a high probability of cheating. Your real estate consultant should check the conditions of the house in terms of the price set, the document, the legality of its construction, the legality, that the document is not mortgaged by the bank, etc. Therefore, the intermediary map that helps you in buying these houses is very colorful.

Antalya is one of the green and pleasant cities of Turkey, which is located in the south and is usually far from political conflicts. This city has one of the fastest growing economies in Turkey and even in the world. By changing Turkey's policy and investing in the real estate sector, in 2016 Turkey ranked 13th in the list of the world's most powerful economies. Antalya has also not been spared from this economic boom.

If you don't want to live in Antalya or you want to have fun in Antalya only part of the year, you can rent the house you bought. The rental price is usually chosen based on the price of the property and a percentage of it. Due to the high number of tourists, many of them prefer independent houses to hotels, and you can easily rent your house with the help of a real estate agent and earn profit in this way.

For more investment and profit, you can buy pre-sale houses that have not yet been built, at a lower price and in installments, and at the end of the construction, sell the house at a higher price and in cash.

You don't need to go to Antalya in person to buy a house in Antalya, but you can consult with Antalya Estate real estate consultants and check the available houses that suit your conditions. Then measure the conditions of the house online and proceed to purchase.

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