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Alanya well priced apartment in Mahmutlar for sale

Alanya / Mahmutlar

You can buy this apartment under company price 47,000 euro or If you are looking for another types of under price properties in Alanya Mahmutlar contact us.

Property Nr.
Completion year
90 m²
Price 147,000 €
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24 Month

ALA16, Stunning Alanya Apartments with Panoramic Sea View

Alanya / Mahmutlar

Nearby there is a bus stop, which makes it possible to quickly and easily reach the center of Alanya, where there are numerous attractions and entertainment. Distance to the Mahmutlar beach is only 300 meters.

Property Nr.
Completion year
53 - 243 m²
Price from 122,500 €
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36 Month

ALA12, Full Facility Luxury Properties close to Alanya Centrum

Alanya / Tosmur

Flight and Hotel costs for buyers will be pay by company.

Property Nr.
Completion year
65 - 201 m²
Price from 128,500 €
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24 Month

ALA10, Investment project in Alanya Turkey|reputable construction company Yekta Alara

Alanya / Mahmutlar

This project is approved by the municipality and town planning then issued a building permit. Each phase of construction is monitored by inspectors; just checked construction equipment, materials used for the construction of the complex.

Property Nr.
Completion year
70 - 337 m²
Price from 126,000 €
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18 Month

ALA17, Modern Sea View Apartments in Alanya

Alanya / Cikcilli

The price for apartments from 49500 to 208500 euros, depending on the number of rooms and location. If you want to feel the comfort of a 5-star hotel while in your own apartment, then Another World, Modern Sea View Apartments in Alanya, is the most suitable option for you.

Property Nr.
Completion year
43 - 238 m²
Price from 140,000 €
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New Build Property in Alanya City Center

Alanya / Center

New Build Property in Alanya City Center is located in a single-storey house with a modern architectural design.

Property Nr.
Completion year
105 m²
Price 180,000 €
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Beach point villa in Alanya Avsallar for sale

Alanya / Avsallar

Distance to the city center is around 750 meters. In Avsallar you can find all what you need for a perfect holiday or longer stay. The caretaker and security are living in the residence and take care about the common areas and security of the residence. Residence’s monthly fee is 70 euro.

Property Nr.
Completion year
125 m²
Price 325,000 €
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Mahmutlar 3 bedroom furnished Apartment For Sale

Alanya / Mahmutlar

Mahmutlar 3 bedroom furnished Apartment For Sale with ,Spacious and bright apartment located ona beautiful view of the complex and the mountains. The distance to the beach is only 350 meters.

Property Nr.
Completion year
120 m²
Price 196,000 €
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24 Month

Konak Seaside Resort, Alanya Beachfront Flats in Quality Residential Complex

Alanya / Kargicak

Konak Seaside Resort, Alanya Beachfront Flats in Quality Residential Complex : steel doors, the on-door speakerphone with a videosystem.

Property Nr.
Completion year
62 - 255 m²
Price from 129,000 €
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Beautiful Villa with Pool in Alanya

Alanya / Kargicak

Only the highest quality materials, meeting the most stringent international standards, were used in the construction for Beautiful Villa with Pool in Alanya.

Property Nr.
Completion year
450 m²
450,000 €Price 350,000 €- 23%
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A helicopter ride over the green space of Alanya

A helicopter ride over the green space of Alanya

Currently, Alanya is one of the most active tourist cities in Turkey, and considering the increase in population that Alanya experiences every year, it is likely that it will soon become a province. Living in Alanya will be one of the amazing experiences for those who love nature, historical and recreational places, blue sea beach and sunny days.

Since 2021, the population of Alanya has grown a lot, which is due to the increase in immigration to this city. Many of those who choose Alanya for travel prefer to choose this city for their permanent residence. In this article, we are going to investigate buying a house in Alanya and introduce you to the different areas for buying a house in Alanya. Stay with us until the end of this article.

Your Gateway to Blissful Living: Explore Alanya Turkey Property for Sale

Have you ever envisioned waking up to breathtaking sea views, basking in the sun-kissed Mediterranean climate, and embracing a life of relaxation and adventure? Look no further than Alanya, Turkey, a coastal paradise that offers not just properties, but a canvas on which to paint your dream lifestyle. Let's dive into the alluring benefits that await you:

1. Coastal Haven for Your Senses

• Imagine strolling along sandy beaches and immersing your toes in crystal-clear waters. With Alanya's stunning coastline, every day can be a beach day.

2. Your Home, Your Investment

• Alanya's real estate market presents a golden opportunity. Explore a diverse range of Alanya Turkey properties for sale, from charming apartments to luxurious villas, each offering potential for a rewarding investment.

3. Cultural Marvels at Your Doorstep

• Immerse yourself in Alanya's rich history and culture. Wander through ancient ruins, savor authentic Turkish cuisine, and engage with the warm-hearted locals in bustling bazaars.

4. Your Pathway to Turkish Residence and Citizenship

• Here's the icing on the cake: owning an Alanya Turkey property for sale opens up the possibility of obtaining Turkish residence and even citizenship. Your dream home could lead to a life of exciting opportunities.

5. Wellness Oasis for Your Soul

• Breathe in the invigorating sea air, soak in the Mediterranean sun, and indulge in the renowned healthy Mediterranean diet. Alanya nurtures your well-being, offering a holistic lifestyle.

6. Global Connections, Local Charms

• With Alanya's strategic location, you're not just buying property; you're investing in an accessible gateway connecting Europe and Asia. Your adventures know no bounds.

7. Embrace the Expat Tapestry

• Join a vibrant expat community, where friendships bloom and cultures intertwine. Share experiences, forge new bonds, and feel at home in this welcoming haven.

8. An Adventure Buff's Playground

• From exhilarating water sports to mountain hikes, Alanya offers an array of thrilling activities. Dive into the dynamic nightlife or unwind in the lap of nature—it's your playground.
Ready to transform your dreams into reality? Explore the enchanting range of Alanya Turkey properties for sale and secure your own slice of paradise. With the added potential of Turkish residence and citizenship, Alanya offers more than just a home; it offers a life filled with endless possibilities. Unveil the magic of Alanya today—where your aspirations find their perfect address.

Ultimate Guide to Buying property for sale in alanya

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey towards owning a piece of paradise in Alanya? The process of acquiring a property for sale in Alanya is not only a step towards securing your dream abode but also a pathway to potential Turkish residence and citizenship. Let's delve into the user-friendly steps that pave the way to your new home:

1. Discover Your Ideal Property

• Start your journey by exploring the diverse range of properties for sale in Alanya. Whether you're seeking a cozy apartment, a spacious villa, or even a cheap property in Alanya, Turkey, you'll find options that match your vision and budget.

2. Engage a Trusted Real Estate Agent

• Navigating the Alanya property market is made easier with the expertise of a reliable real estate agent. They'll assist you in finding the best options, negotiating prices, and handling legalities.

3. Exploring Your Options

• Delve into the exciting variety of cheap properties in Alanya, Turkey, each offering unique features and charm. Take your time to explore different neighborhoods, proximity to amenities, and the potential for rental income.

4. Due Diligence and Legalities

• Once you've found the property that resonates with you, it's crucial to conduct due diligence. Your real estate agent will help verify legal documentation, ownership details, and ensure a smooth transaction.

5. Making an Offer

• Express your interest by making an offer on the property of your choice. Your real estate agent will negotiate on your behalf, aiming to secure the best deal possible.

6. Legal Assistance and Contract Signing

• Engage a legal advisor to review the contract before signing. This step ensures transparency and safeguards your interests throughout the buying process.

7. Title Deed Transfer and Payment

• The transfer of ownership is finalized through the official title deed process. Payment terms are agreed upon and fulfilled, and your new property in Alanya becomes officially yours.

8. Possibility of Turkish Residence and Citizenship

• Here's where your investment becomes even more exciting! Owning a property for sale in Alanya opens the door to Turkish residence and citizenship possibilities. Enjoy the perks of being a part of this charming coastal community.

9. Embrace Your New Lifestyle

• As the proud owner of your Alanya property, it's time to savor the coastal lifestyle, explore local culture, and bask in the beauty of your surroundings.

Steps to buy property for sale in Alanya

The process is simpler than you might think, whether you're eyeing a charming property for sale in Alanya or considering a budget-friendly option like a cheap property in alanya turkey. Here's your easy roadmap to turn your dream into reality:

1. Explore the Array of Options

Start by exploring the diverse range of properties for sale in Alanya, including budget-friendly choices. From cozy apartments to cost-effective villas, Alanya offers something for every taste and budget.

2. Partner with a Reliable Agent

Engage a trusted real estate agent who specializes in Alanya properties. They'll help you navigate the market, provide insights into cheap property in alanya turkey, and guide you through the entire process.

3. Define Your Preferences

Whether you're looking for modern amenities, sea views, or a central location, communicating your preferences will help narrow down the search for your ideal property.

4. Due Diligence Matters

Once you've found the perfect property, perform due diligence to ensure all legal aspects are in order. Your agent will assist in verifying documentation and arranging necessary inspections.

5. Negotiation and Offer

Make an offer that aligns with your budget, keeping in mind the affordability factor ofcheap property in alanya turkey. Your agent will skillfully negotiate on your behalf.

6. Legal Assistance and Documentation

Engage a legal expert to review contracts and documents before signing. This step ensures transparency and protects your interests.

7. Payment and Transfer of Ownership

Complete the payment as agreed upon, and witness the transfer of ownership through the official title deed process.

8. Embrace the Alanya Lifestyle

Once the keys are in your hands, it's time to celebrate! Enjoy the coastal charm, cultural experiences, and relaxation offered by your newfound property in Alanya.

cheap property in alanya turkey

Discovering your own haven in Alanya, Turkey, doesn't have to be a distant dream. With a range of budget-friendly properties available, you can now make this captivating coastal paradise your home without stretching your wallet. Imagine waking up to the gentle sound of waves and the warm Mediterranean sun, all while enjoying the comfort and charm of an affordable Alanya property. Embrace the local culture, savor the culinary delights, and bask in the beauty of your surroundings, all made possible by the accessibility of these cheap property in alanya turkey. Alanya's enchanting lifestyle can now be yours to relish, making every day a delightful adventure.

The best areas for Alanya Turkey property for sale

When it comes to finding your dream property for sale in Alanya, Turkey, the city offers a delightful array of neighborhoods to consider. If you're seeking a vibrant coastal lifestyle, Cleopatra Beach beckons with its breathtaking views and bustling atmosphere. For a blend of convenience and modern living, Mahmutlar presents a diverse selection of properties for sale in Alanya, catering to various budgets. If tranquility is your preference, Oba offers a serene escape just moments away from the city's heartbeat. Those eyeing a cheap property in alanya turkey, will find Kestel to be a gem of affordability without sacrificing quality. Alternatively, Avsallar showcases stunning beaches and an emerging real estate market, making it an exciting prospect for property seekers. Whatever your vision, Alanya's neighborhoods hold the key to your perfect home.

Property for sale in Kargicak

Kargicak is a coastal area near Alanya. This area is not located in the city of Alanya and is mostly coastal and recreational. But its short distance from Alanya has made many people choose this area to buy a house in Alanya.

This town is about 16 kilometers away from Alanya city center. Between Kargicak and Alanya, Mahmutlar region is located. This beautiful area was full of banana and avocado gardens, but with the increase in population and demand for housing, the gardens gradually gave way to newly built villas and apartments. The length of Kargicak coastline is 4500 meters and its area is 1800 hectares.

This region experiences a significant population growth every year and the city's population doubles during the tourist seasons. Most of the tourists in Kargicak are Germans and Dutch and Russians.

This area is about 150 km away from Antalya city. Kargicak is a coastal area, beautiful and relatively secluded. It has a very good peace and quiet. 70% of Kargicak houses are built with a sea or beach view. For those who want to buy a house in Alanya to spend their free time, Kargicak is a very suitable place. Buying and selling property in Kargicak has a very good boom and therefore there is a lot of variety in the selection of houses.

You can choose villas, apartments or large complexes to buy a house in Kargicak. Despite the green nature, Taurus mountains and beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea, Kargicak is not very advanced in terms of urban location and amenities. Therefore, you have to leave this neighborhood to meet your basic needs.

Buying a house in Alanya, Turkey

Living in the tourist city of Alanya

Of course, there are many buses between Kargicak and Alanya that go every 5 to 10 minutes, and you can use these buses to go to Alanya. In general, about 50% of the villas that are built in Alanya are located in Kargicak, which is a very high number considering the area of ​​Kargicak.

The most important shopping center in Kargicak is the Palmeria shopping center, which was opened in 2013. This shopping center is full of supermarkets, restaurants and cafeterias where you can relax and have fun in addition to shopping.
Near Kargicak, there are the ruins of the city of Seder, which is one of the important ancient areas of Alanya. The reason why travelers are so fond of Cider is its special features, which are still well preserved after many years.

If you are planning to buy a house in Kargicak, you should know that you will not see multi-story towers and skyscrapers. The maximum number of floors allowed for the construction of apartments in this area is three floors. Most of the houses built in Kargicak are fully equipped, have a modern and stylish design and offer sea and forest views at the same time.

If you want to go from Kargicak to Alanya-Gazipasa Airport, you only need to drive for 20 minutes. In Kargıcak, there are small and outpatient medical centers, but you have to go to Alanya or Oba neighborhood to use the medical services of hospitals.
Due to its coastal location and the high number of immigrants in Kargicak, the people of this area treat immigrants very well and have a relatively high culture.

Property for sale in Mahmutlar

Mahmutlar is located 10 kilometers from Alanya and is considered the most populated area of ​​Alanya. This area is large and full of life possibilities. You don't need to go to Alanya to meet many of your needs, and your needs will be well met in this area.

The existence of several hotels, restaurants, schools, shops, etc. has made Mahmutlar a great coastal area for living. Mahmutlar is located between Kargicak and Kestel. Mahmutlar is considered one of the most modern neighborhoods in Alanya, because with the arrival of tourists in this area, the lifestyle and economic conditions of the people of Mahmutlar also changed, and many gardens, farms and old houses gave way to luxury complexes, apartments and villas.

House for sale in Alanya

Beauty and charm in the city of Alanya

Unlike Kargicak, where the buildings are low and wide, it is normal to see skyscrapers and large apartment and villa complexes in Mahmutlar. Construction is booming in Mahmutlar and the number of houses for sale in Mahmutlar is very high. Of course, along with the high number of house sales in Mahmutlar, there are also many people who buy these houses.

The population of Mahmutlar is increasing day by day. In 2009, the population of Mahmutlar was 18,000 people, but in 2022, its population has reached 52,000 people. Atatürk, Barbaros, Vatan and Cakar streets are important and famous streets of Mahmutlar.

Due to the new construction of this neighborhood, the number of immigrants living in this neighborhood is very large. This neighborhood has very good conditions not only for Russians, Ukrainians, Scandinavians and Germans, but also for Iranians.

Many people who live in Mahmutlar are European and you will not feel strange in this area. There are several International restaurants in Mahmutlar where live International music is played and the environment of Mahmutlar is suitable for the lifestyle of forigners.

If proximity to hospitals is important to you for buying a house in Mahmutlar, we must say that there is no hospital in Mahmutlar. Several 24-hour medical centers operate in this neighborhood, but to go to the nearest hospital, you have to go to Oba neighborhood, which is not far from Mahmutlar.

There is also a health center in Mahmutlar, where medical services such as injections, tests, dressings, etc. are free for those who have a Turkish residence card. In addition to government medical centers, there are several private medical centers, including Syedra Private Clinic.

Pelikink Mahaleh treatment center is also semi-governmental. In Mahmutlar, you will not have to worry about buying daily necessities. The large number of large supermarkets in this city are fully responsive to the citizens of this area.

In addition to supermarkets and local shops that are suitable for buying your daily necessities, a weekly market is held in Mahmutlar two days a week on Saturdays and Tuesdays.

Mahmutlar has a large shopping center on Barbaros Street. This 4-story shopping center has various items from stationery, home appliances, kitchen appliances, tools to all kinds of brands of clothes, shoes, etc.
If your child's school and educational conditions are important to you for buying a house in Mahmutlar; We must say that there are several public schools in Mahmutlar that if you are a resident of Turkey, your child's education in those schools will be free.

If you are interested in your child studying in a private school, you should choose the neighborhoods around Mahmutlar, because Mahmutlar does not have a private school. Of course, there are several public and private kindergartens in this area that are very suitable for your young children.

Among the various offices located in Alanya, Mahmutlar Municipality, Water and Notary Department 6 are located in Mahmutlar neighborhood. The price of buying a house in Mahmutlar is relatively expensive, and Mahmutlar is considered one of the luxury areas of Alanya.

Touring the streets of Alanya, Turkey

Touring the streets of Alanya, Turkey

Property for sale in Kestel

The Kestel is located between Mahmutlar and Tosmur neighborhoods. The distance between Kestel and Alanya is not much and it is only 9 kilometers away. The distance between Kastel and Antalya is about 142 km. Kastel is also one of the new areas of Alanya.

Of course, in this area, you can see the combination of traditional and modern textures side by side. Many castle houses have retained their traditional design. But the newly built houses and shops in this neighborhood have a modern design. Kastel's beaches are about three kilometers long and most of its areas have sandy beaches.

As we get closer to Mahmutlar beach, the beach becomes more pebbly. If you use intercity buses to go to Alanya, you need approximately 20 minutes.
In the Kestel area, you can also access the D400 highway to go to your desired location. Kestel is located 30 km from Gazipasa Airport.

There are not many stores or shops in Kestel itself, but the people of Kestel do not feel uncomfortable because of its proximity to Alanya. Most of the properties in Kestel are apartments on its coastline, and the sale price of properties in Kestel is lower than in the neighboring areas of Alanya. But in the next few years, the real estate prices will increase several times.

A large commercial center is going to be built in this area. Aladdin Kay Qabad University, which is one of the famous universities in Turkey, is located near Kestel. This university was established in 2015. In this university, both Turkish and English are taught so that international students can easily use its classrooms.

If you are interested in obtaining residency in Turkey through education, this university and Kestel neighborhood are one of the very good options for you. Kestel neighborhood is one of the most popular neighborhoods to buy property in Alanya for people, and most Europeans like to buy a property in Kestel.
If you decide to sell your house in Kestel, you don't need to worry about it being sold late. Usually, the sale of a property in Kestel is done in a short time.

Property for sale in Tosmur

Tosmur neighborhood is very close to Alanya city center. It is only 6 kilometers from this neighborhood to the city center. This neighborhood is located between the two neighborhoods of Kestel and Oba, and due to its proximity to the city center, it has easy access to facilities within the city of Alanya, including medical centers, educational centers, and commercial centers.

The population of this area in 2018 was 10,000 people. If proximity to a well-equipped and clean beach is important to you when buying a house in Alanya, we suggest you consider buying a house in Tosmur.

Because the beaches of Tosmur are famous among the beaches of Alanya for their cleanliness and recreational facilities. The beaches of Tosmur are sandy and there are no large or small pebbles. Every 5 to 10 minutes there are buses from Alanya to Tosmur, and the residents of Tosmur can easily use the public transportation system to go to the center of Alanya.

If you are interested in shopping in the weekly market, there is a weekly market in Tusmor on Thursdays, which has very reasonable prices to meet the needs of the whole week.

Dimcai river, natural landscapes, mountains and forests, sea coast, lemon and orange gardens, etc. are some of the must-see places in Tosmur. The Dimchai River flows directly from Tusmur to the sea, and the air around it is very cool and pleasant.

Most of the immigrants who live in Tosmur are from Russia, Norway, Germany and Sweden. Despite the fact that the living conditions and property sale prices in Tusmor are similar to Kestel neighborhood, this neighborhood has fewer population than Kestel neighborhood.

Buildings up to 13 floors have been allowed in this neighborhood, and this has made the sale price of properties in Tosmur lower than other neighborhoods. The houses built in Tusmor are equipped and stylish.

Residential complexes that are among the properties for sale in Alanya and Tosmur, in addition to the swimming pool, sauna and club that should be standard in every residential complex, other facilities such as solarium, barbecue, beach bed, tennis court, special pool It also has children and...

If you are looking for properties for sale in Alanya at a cheaper price than the city center and at the same time you want to use the advantages and facilities of the city center, Tosmur is a great option for you. Despite the facilities and luxury of the houses in Tusmor, this area has a lower price than the center of Alanya.

Buying luxury houses in Alanya

Cruise ships in the city of Alanya

Property for sale in Oba

Oba is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Alanya, which is only 4 kilometers away from the center of Alanya. This neighborhood has a population of around 30,000 people and is considered one of the most luxurious neighborhoods to buy property in Alanya.

Oba's beaches have a blue flag. The Blue Flag is an international certificate that shows that Oba's coastal waters are very clean and the quality of the accommodation there is very good.
It is 145 km from Oba to Antalya and 35 km to Ghazi Pasha Airport. You will reach Alanya city center in 10 minutes from Oba.

Many who choose Oba to live consider it one of the most magnificent areas of Alanya. This area has large and luxurious restaurants and shopping centers. On its beach, which is 3 kilometers long, there are a variety of facilities, including soccer fields, basketball courts, parks, surfing and cycling facilities, bowling and horse riding centers, etc. in or near it.

property for sale in Oba is very booming. Most of those who choose Oba for investing or buying and selling properties in Alanya are Europeans. Oba is like a paradise for Europeans with its many facilities.
Alanium Shopping Center, Migros Hypermarket and Metro Hypermarket are large and stylish shopping centers located in Oba.

If you are interested in buying daily necessities from the weekly markets, the weekly market is open every Monday in Oba and you can visit it. The goods sold in the weekly market are cheaper than in the shops.
Almost all the habitable areas of Oba are full of residential complexes, apartments and villas, and for this reason, not much construction is done there. Most of the buildings are at most 5 stories.

The price of property for sale in Oba is relatively expensive. The state hospital of Alanya with the name of Aladdin Kay Qabad Hospital is located in this neighborhood, which is considered one of the most equipped and best state hospitals in Turkey. A large number of doctors in this hospital are specialists.

A view of the lighthouse in Alanya

A view of the lighthouse in Alanya

Property for sale in Cikcilli

Cikcilli is one of the best areas to buy property in Alanya. The area is relatively quiet and has a very nice beach due to its proximity to Oba. The distance between Cikcilli and Alanya city center is about 5 kilometers.

This area has a population of approximately 20,000 people and the number of residents of this neighborhood is increasing day by day. Cikcilli itself is not a beach, but it has a very short distance from Oba beach, about 600 meters.

In terms of the public transportation system, you will never feel uncomfortable in Cikcilli. Because buses run regularly from Alanya to Cikcili and vice versa, and you will have easy access to the center of Alanya and its facilities. In the last few years, Cikcili has made great progress in the field of construction and very luxurious hotels and complexes have been built in it.

For those who want to be close to the center of Alanya and at the same time peace and quiet are very important to them, buying a property in Cikcilli can be a great option. Cikcilli is very popular among foreigners to invest by buying and selling houses in Alanya. Most of the foreigners who have chosen Cikcilli to live or invest are Scandinavians, Russians, Germans.

There is a local market in Cikcilli that opens on Saturdays, where you can buy all kinds of vegetables, fruits, and even clothes and accessories. Also, Cikcilli is very close to Alanium shopping center, Migros hypermarkets and Metro, and you will not have any problems buying household appliances.

If you are planning to buy a house in Cikcilli as an investment, you have made a very good choice, because Cikcilli is one of the developing areas of Alanya and the number of constructions is increasing. It is very likely that the sale price of properties in Cikcilli will multiply in the next few years.

Property for sale in the center of Alanya

Alanya city center is 130 km from Antalya and 45 km from Gazipasa Airport. Also, the d400 highway passes through the city center, which is the way for the people of Alanya to access Antalya and other cities in Turkey. There are beautiful beaches in the center of Alanya.

The beaches of Kelopatra, Damlatas and Vekikobat are among the beaches of the city of Alanya, which have very good recreational facilities. There is a bus station in Alanya from where you can access all its neighborhoods. These buses are moving from the city center to its neighborhoods at a distance of 5 to 10 minutes so that the residents of the city center can also go to other neighborhoods.

Alanya Castle, which is located on a big hill, beautiful museums, very beautiful old traditional mosques with traditional Turkish architecture, beautiful caves and water park are just some of the attractions in the center of Alanya city. In the center of Alanya, life is going on and you will witness the vibrancy of people and tourists. The most important street in Alanya is Ataturk Street.

This street is also the oldest street in Alanya and is named after Ataturk. In this street, there are all kinds of famous brand stores and you can buy from them. Also, several beautiful hotels have been built on this street. Atatürk Street is usually busy and full of tourists who have chosen this street for shopping.

Alanium Shopping Center, Kipa Shopping Center, Markamix Shopping Center, Alanya Grand Bazaar, Denver Leather Shopping Center, Alanya Maison, etc. are important shopping centers in Alanya city. Among the shopping centers in Alanya, its Grand Bazaar is very famous.

This large market leads from one side to the Alanya waterfront, where there are a variety of seafood restaurants. Many tourists choose Alanya Grand Bazaar to buy souvenirs. With numerous and diverse shopping centers, both in terms of price and type, you will not have to worry about shopping while living in Alanya. In addition to numerous shopping centers in Alanya, a large weekly market is held on Fridays, the prices of which are lower than in shops, and it has many fans.

If you want to find a property for sale in Alanya, it is important to be close to medical centers that are well-equipped, then we must say that Alanya has very well-equipped hospitals. Alanya State Hospital is located in Oba neighborhood.

The name of this hospital is Aladdin Kay Qabad Hospital. Most of the medical services of this hospital are free for those who have government insurance. There is also a dental center in Alanya that provides free dental services for those with state insurance. Yasham, Anadolu, Bashkent and Shafa are the names of four private hospitals in Alanya.

There are both public and private schools in Alanya. Public schools are in Turkish and private schools are usually international and multilingual.
properties for sale in the center of Alanya is booming. The number of houses for sale in Alanya is large and there is a wide variety to choose from in terms of location and price.

In the center of Alanya, you can see both traditional houses and luxury and modern complexes. Most of the buildings on Alanya's coastline are residential complexes and villas are built on a hill overlooking the sea with a sea view. The sale price of property in the center of Alanya is relatively high.

House for sale in Alanya, Turkey

Alanya, a city full of charm and originality

Property for sale in Demirtas

This neighborhood is one of the neighborhoods relatively far from the city center of Alanya. The distance from Demirtas to Alanya city center is about 30 kilometers. But it is closer to Gazipasa airport than other neighborhoods.

The distance from Demirtas to Gazipasa Airport is only 15 km. It is also 160 km away from Antalya. Demirtaş has one of the best sandy beaches in Alanya and its coastal waters are clean and clear. One of the special beauties of Demirtas is its pristine beaches, which many tourists do not know about.

Compared to other regions of Alanya, fewer immigrants live in Demirtaş and most of the people in Demirtaş are natives. The main occupation of the people of Demirtas is agriculture and animal husbandry. For many people who are looking for living in the coastal areas and at the same time close to the mountains, clean climate, use of fresh and organic vegetables and summer foods, local milk, yogurt, etc., Demirtas is the best option to buy a house in It is Alanya.

You have many choices for shopping in this pleasant and beautiful area. Beautiful houses with mountain and sea views are a dream for every lover of nature and peace. Demirtash neighborhood has a population of around 3000 people and is less populated than other areas of Alanya.

The price of property for sale in Demirtaş is lower than other areas of Alanya, and many real estate consultants recommend Demirtaş to those who want to buy a property in Alanya or at a low price, but also want to be close to the beach.

With the increase of tourism in Turkey and the city of Alanya, this neighborhood will experience significant growth in the next few years, and many of its agricultural lands and gardens will be converted into residential complexes and villas.

There is no problem to go to Alanya from Demirtas. This area is located near the d400 highway and the residents of this neighborhood can use the buses that always travel on the highway.

Other than that, there are regular buses that travel between Demirtas and Alanya city center. Therefore, despite the distance from the city center of Alanya, you will not have a problem accessing city facilities.

Property for sale in Avsallar

One of the special and attractive areas to buy property in Alanya is Avsallar area. This area is considered one of the touristic and coastal areas of Alanya and its coastal facilities are unique. Avsallar is one of the neighborhoods located in the west of Alanya, and its distance from the center of Alanya is about 25 kilometers.

The distance between Avsallar neighborhood and Antalya is about 110 kilometers. Avsallar is famous for its golden sandy beaches. One of the most famous beaches in Turkey called Incekum is located in this area. Avsallar beach strip is about 5 km.

Due to the proximity of Avsallar to the federal highway D400, by choosing Avsallar to live, you can easily go to Alanya or Antalya because this highway connects the two cities of Alanya and Antalya and there are buses to go to both cities.

If you are interested in buying all kinds of handicrafts, fresh dairy products, fresh and organic fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices, you can visit Avsallar weekly market, which is held on Wednesdays. This market is one of the most exciting and exciting places to live in Usalar and is very popular among the natives of Avsallar and immigrants.

Most of the properties built in Avsallar are luxurious and beautiful with recreational and comfort facilities. There are many villas built in Avsallar and you will have a wide variety of choices. Most of the villas or apartment complexes in Avsallar are built with a view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Properties for sale in Avsallar is relatively good. Therefore, if you decide to sell a house in Avsallar for any reason, you can easily sell your property in the shortest time.

The beauty of Alanya at night

The beauty of Alanya at night

Property for sale in Konakli

Another good neighborhood to buy a property in Alanya, which is located in the west and close to Antalya, is the Konakli neighborhood. Konakli is like a beautiful and pleasant residential village, which is 12 km away from the center of Alanya.

This area has a population of about 20,000 people. Most of the indigenous people of Konakli are engaged in agriculture or providing services to tourists. Konakli is a coastal area and its beach is pebble. Of course, there are reptile beaches near Konakli where turtles usually come to the beach during the spawning season and lay their eggs.

Reptile Beach is sandy, and if you prefer a sandy beach, you can visit Reptile Beach.
The crossing of the federal highway D400 has made the people of Konakli not have any problems in commuting to Alanya and Antalya. It takes about 10 minutes from Konakli to Alanya with the buses on this highway.

Due to the fact that there is no permission to build high-rise houses and complexes in the Konakli region, the sale price oproperties in Konakli is relatively expensive. If you are planning to sell a property in Konakli, you will face a large volume of buyers in a short period of time, which indicates the prosperity of the property buying and selling market in Konakli.

There are several shopping centers in Konakli, including Konakli Time Synths, Nova and Mega mall. In Konakli itself, there is also an open-air market, which is not as big as Alanya's big market, but it has a variety of goods from different brands. Konakli Time Saints shopping center is located a few steps from the beach and many brand stores have branches in this shopping center.

Tips for buying a property in Alanya

• The number of properties for sale in Alanya is large and there is a wide range of prices. Also, it doesn't take long to buy a house in Alanya.

• If the value of the house you buy in Alanya is 75,000 US dollars, you can apply for a temporary residence in Turkey. If the value of the house you buy in Alanya is 400,000 US dollars, you can apply for permanent residence and Turkish citizenship.

• Alanya is an attractive and dreamy city in the south of Turkey, which is a short distance from Antalya. This city is more touristic than industrial and has a large population. If you don't like the hustle and bustle of the city of Alanya, you can choose one of the neighborhoods or small towns around Alanya to live.

• Every year, 45,000 foreigners buy houses in Alanya, and 17,000 people choose this city as their permanent residence. Many people have chosen Alanya for their permanent life and there are many international restaurants and centers in Alanya. Despite the high number of immigrants in Alanya, you will not feel strange and far from your homeland.

• Considering the high cost of fuel in Alanya, consider the availability of bus stops.

• So far, more than 75 countries have bought property in Alanya, which shows that Alanya is active in the Turkish real estate market.

• In general, 10% of tourists who travel to Alanya become interested in this city and buy a house there. After buying a house in Alanya, one third of people choose to live permanently in Alanya, which is a significant statistic.

• Despite the good conditions for buying a property in Alanya, pay attention to which area you bought a property in. Some neighborhoods in Alanya are not suitable for buying properties if your aim is resident permit such as kargicak, mahmutlar, kestel

Suitable transportation system, beautiful beaches, Taurus mountains, 300 sunny days a year, diversity of culture and language, reasonable cost to buy property, etc. are some of the reasons that have caused the growth of construction in Alanya in the last few years.

Many tourists who come to Alanya for fun, seeing the conditions of Alanya, become interested in it and buy a property in Alanya. Every year, about 45 million tourists visit this city and its natural and tourist attractions. Alanya has very good conditions for real estate investment.

There are a lot of properties for sale in Alanya and buying and selling houses in Alanya is relatively booming. A large number of people live in Alanya.
If you are planning to buy a house in Alanya and want to get more information about its different areas and available houses, just call the contact number of Antalya Estate .

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