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Suitable for Turkish passport
24 Month

Properties with Payment Plan in Konyaalti Antalya

Antalya / Konyaalti

Advantage of these properties is special payment plan for 2 years and its attract investors to buy properties in konyaalty antalya with more comfortable system.
also you can buy property with full furniture which needs to pay 25000 lira more for 2 bedroom and 35000 lira more for 3 bedroom apartment furniture .

Property Nr.
Completion year
95 - 152 m²
Price from 111,000 €
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2 Bedroom Flats in Hurma Konyaalti Antalya for Sale

Antalya / Konyaalti

you can own a 2 bedroom flat with 73000 euro in Hurma with mountain view and very close to konyaalti beach .

Property Nr.
Completion year
95 m²
Price 143,000 €
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Brand new Apartments in Caglayan Lara

Antalya / Lara

offer you 3 bedroom apartments with two bathroom and two balcony for sale. 
in this project you can find garden , children play ground , swiming pool .

Property Nr.
Completion year
160 m²
Price 197,000 €
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Exclusive Apartment Project Lara Antalya Turkey

Antalya / Lara

in center of lara fener mahallesi which you can find many modern bar cafe and restaurants also banks , school and shopping centers like terra city are very close.

Property Nr.
Completion year
3+1, 4+1
150 - 200 m²
Price from 192,000 €
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4 bedroom property for sale in hurma konyaalti

Antalya / Konyaalti

konyaalti beach is 1 km far from property social facilities bank hospital and transport is just a few minute. price is less than normal price of hurma area and its good oportunity for property investors .

Property Nr.
Completion year
150 m²
Price 276,000 €
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Your guide to buy a properties for sale in Turkey

    1. Istanbul – the city of opportunities
      1. Asian side of Istanbul
      2. European side of Istanbul
    2. Antalya – ever-lasting holiday
      1. Konyaalti
      2. Lara
      3. Kepez
      4. Muratpaşa
    3. Belek – the golf dream
    4. Alanya – the modern city of historical castle
    5. İzmir – a glimpse of paradise
    6. Bodrum – the romance of a lifetime
    7. Trabzon – Mother Nature’s Pearl
    8. Pros & Cons of each city mentioned

If you would like to buy a property for sale in Turkey, you might be confused about many things. Turkey is a wonderful and unique country with a rich cultural heritage. If you like history, you might be familiar with all the wars this geography has witnessed for its possession and dominance. Infinite reasons can be listed that still attracts people from all around the world.

Buying a real estate in Turkey is very profitable. You will not only create a wonderful life for yourself, but also make a wise investment. Additionally, by buying a property for sale in Turkey, you can also obtain a citizenship. Purchasing a citizenship by real estate investment is a wise and easy method.

Buying a house in Turkey is a profitable investment

Buying a house in Turkey is a profitable investment

Turkey is very big compared to most of the European countries. Plus, the culture, language, and many other issues may seem confusing. However, there is nothing to be worried. Let us divide the country geographically to help you understand it all better.

Turkey is separated into seven geographical regions:

  1. Eastern Anatolia Region
  2. Central Anatolia Region
  3. Mediterranean Region
  4. Aegean Region
  5. Black Sea Region
  6. South-eastern Region
  7. Marmara Region

All these regions have unique people, culture, climate, and life. Roughly, we can say that you can expect a wilder climate and weather in the coastal regions while the central ones receive snow fall during the winter months. Turkey is a country you can actually go for skiing in a mountain and swim and sunbath on the open air on the same day.

The country is covered by three sees: Marmara Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and Black Sea, all of which have vital roles in shaping the cultures of the cities that have borders to them.

Considering all these facts, it is only normal that you might not be sure where to buy a property for sale in Turkey. Thus, let us examine the most popular destinations of investment property to help you find your desired location.

Investing in Turkey by buying a house

Investing in Turkey by buying a house

  1. Properties for sale in Istanbul – The city of opportunities

Istanbul, a cosmopolitan metropolis located in the Marmara Region, is generally the first city that comes to mind when anyone mentions Turkey. Istanbul has a long history of Roman, Byzantium and Ottoman Empires as well as the Turkish Republic. It has been used as a capital multiple time. The city feels like you are wondering around the rusty pages of a history book.

One of the nice things about Istanbul is its climate. Istanbul lies on the north-west side of Turkey, on the coast of Marmara Sea. The summers of Istanbul are warm and sunny while the winters are relatively colder. It snows time to time in the city, leaving behind a marvellous view. Thanks to your property for sale in Istanbul, you can spend your Christmas with this type of a weather, something you cannot have in some cities like Antalya, which is very mild during its short winter. But we will mention more about it later.

Istanbul always has so much to offer anyone. There are relatively more job opportunities and bigger companies here, which makes obtaining a citizenship in Turkey by working and real estate investment easier. Plus, the procedures are faster in Istanbul.

The cosmopolitan environment of Istanbul connects many cultures together just like the marvellous Bosporus Strait connects the Asian and European continents, which prevents the city from losing its enjoyable and interesting side as short as a second.

Istanbul is very big and has a varied way of living. Each neighbourhood is distinctive. The European and Asian sides are very different from each other. While the European side attracts more tourists and has more luxurious life standards to offer, the Asian Side offers more residential complexes.

In our website, you can find detached villas for sale with swimming pool, sea view, and security systems. There are various alternatives for luxury villa and holiday home as well as apartment for sale in Istanbul.

Thus, you need to think thoroughly which part of the city you want to buy a property for sale in Turkey Istanbul. We guarantee you that there is a great place for you in Istanbul. As long as you don’t have a problem with its climate or other stabile qualities, you won’t have problems while living here.

Foresight for the family, by buying a house in Turkey

Foresight for the family, by buying a house in Turkey

Before starting, you should figure out some details about the real estate you want to buy here. Would you rather be living in the city centre or in rural houses for sale? Do you want an affordable apartment of a luxury villa with a sea view? There are countless properties in Istanbul for sale that has at least one of these qualities.

To examine the neighbourhoods in Istanbul, it is best to first divide them as Asian side and European side.

    1. Properties for sale in Asian side of Istanbul

As we mentioned, Asian side carries more local qualities and thus has more residential complexes. The neighbourhoods here are less touristic and generally speaking, more affordable.

In the Asian part of Istanbul city, you will have more chances to learn the Turkish culture. In the Asian part of Istanbul, we recommend you Kadikoy, Atasehir, and Uskudar to buy property for sale in Turkey.

Properties for sale in Kadikoy

Kadikoy has a colourful life to offer with its young population of university students. In Bagdat Avenue, you can find many luxurious restaurants, cafes, and bars as well as affordable places to hang out with your friends or family here. Caddebostan, Fenerbahce, Moda, and Suadiye are some of the neighbourhoods in Kadikoy that offers an enjoyable life with modern properties for sale in Istanbul. This luxury distinct offers mid – high price-ranges.

Properties for sale in Atasehir

Atasehir is a luxurious neighbourhood that is subject to hot projects. Rich investors of Istanbul buys shares from this area as well, which shows that Atasehir is gaining a high quality and value.

Properties for sale in Uskudar

Uskudar is one of the historical parts of Istanbul. You can find many famous historical and natural heritages here such as the Maiden’s Tower or Camlica Hill. Uskudar is fun, lively, calm, and peaceful at the same time. It has a unique daily life of its own. You can watch the sunset in your sea view apartment in Uskudar after a workday. Uskudar is located on the shoreline, there are many beautiful neighbourhoods you can buy properties in Istanbul such as Kuzguncuk, Beylerbeyi, and Cengelkoy.

    1. Properties for sale in European side of Istanbul

The European side of Istanbul is more crowded and touristic compared with the Asian side. Many of the historical monuments, mosques, churches are located in this side, which is one of the reasons behind the attraction it has on the tourists. The expat population is also higher compared to the Asian part, leading the environment to be even more cosmopolitan.

In the European side, we recommend you buy properties in Istanbul in Zeytinburnu, Sariyer, Zekeriyakoy, Besiktas, Beyoglu, Kucukcekmece, Buyukcekmece, Basaksehir, and Bakırkoy.

Properties for sale in Zeytinburnu

Zeytinburnu is a central district in the European side of Istanbul to buy a real estate for sale. Lying on the coast of Marmara Sea, Zeytinburnu offers you tons of luxury villas for sale with a beautiful sea view and swimming pool. The price ranges are relatively higher here.

Properties for sale in Sariyer

Sariyer is near the Bosporus Strait, making the daily life a visual treasure. The famous Belgrad Forest, called the lungs of Istanbul is located here. You can get sea view apartment or a luxury villa with swimming pool here.

We can safely suggest that Sariyer is the most luxurious and expensive district in the European side of Istanbul. If you have no financial concerns and want perfect life standards, it could be the best option for you. In Sariyer, you can check Istinye, Maslak, Yenikoy, Baltalimani, and Emigran to buy a property for sale in Turkey in Istanbul. Maslak is distinctive with its luxury high rise apartments for sale in Istanbul.

Living in the best cities and regions of Turkey

Living in the best cities and regions of Turkey

Properties for sale in Zekeriyakoy

Zekeriyakoy is a village that has a long history since the 18th century. You should check our website for luxury villas in Zekeriyakoy with swimming pools. There are countless bars, cafes, restaurants in Zekeriyakoy where you can have an amazing evening with your loved ones. Zekeriyakoy is one of the most expensive and prestigious parts of Istanbul, if not the most expensive one.

Properties for sale in Besiktas

Besiktas is another beautiful place that is very close to Bosporus. In Besiktas, there are infinite cultural and fun activities to do. You can go to museums, art galleries, or dance clubs. Besiktas is an elite neighbourhood that is highly prestigious. The prise rages go higher in the neighbourhoods within. You can find beautiful properties for sale in Besiktas with wonderful Bosporus view. Dolmabahce Palace is here as well as many other monuments and structures.

Bebek, Fatih, Sishli, and Levent are some of the best places to buy apartments and villas for sale in Istanbul. Bebek is one of the most luxury and expensive neighbourhoods to buy real estate for sale in Istanbul. Levent offers high-range prices and luxury. If you want to keep the price ranges low, Arnavutkoy is the best option for you with the cheapest properties for sale in Istanbul.

Properties for sale in Beyoglu

Beyoglu is where most of the famous structures, places, and buildings are such as Galata Tower, Istiklal Street, and Taksim Square. Beyoglu is highly touristic. If you like a busy city centre life, buying a property for sale in Beyoglu might be a great idea for you with its lively day and night life. If you like flaneur, Taksim and Istiklal are appreciable spots for you.

Properties in Kucukcekmece offers mid-range prices. Basaksehir - Bahcesehir has mid to high price ranges. Buyukcekmece has mid-range prices as well. You can find many luxury villas for sale in Buyukcekmece.

Properties for sale in Bakırkoy

Bakırkoy offers you more than modern properties for sale in Istanbul’s coastal areas. It offers a lively life as well. Some of the most beautiful properties for sale in Istanbul are here. Bakırkoy offers you a rooted culture and many activities. Yesilkoy and Atakoy are some of the best neighbourhoods to live in Bakırkoy. The properties here have mid-range prices.

House for sale in Turkey

Luxury apartments in the touristic and popular country of Turkey

  1. Properties for sale in Antalya – Ever-lasting holiday

Located in the Mediterranean Region, Antalya is one of the most beautiful cities and the tourism centre of Turkey. It lies on the coast of Mediterranean Sea, benefiting from its climate. The summers last up to 6-7 months in Antalya while the winters are mild, lasting exceptionally short.

You need to decide what you expect from Antalya city. Do you want a holiday home in Antalya? Or does living in one of the fishing villages take your attention? Then you can make the best decision.

Each summer, the city’s population starts to grow with thousands of tourists and expats coming by. Many Europeans have weather settled here permanently or spend their summers in their holiday home.

If you have ever visited this beautiful city, you already know how great living here might be. There are hundreds of luxury hotels and holiday villages in Antalya. Their visitors leave the country satisfied, only to come back as soon as possible. Some even decide to buy a property for sale in Turkey.

It is useful to state that the Antalya province is very big, and all its districts are so modern and advanced that each of them are like big cities themselves. Side, Manavgat, Alanya, Belek, Serik, Kemer, and Kaş are some of the hottest spots for tourists. However, when we refer to Antalya, we mean its central parts.

We can divide the properties for sale in Antalya city mainly as Konyaalti, Lara, Kepez, and Muratpasa. All these districts have options for you if you want to buy property in Turkey. We recommend you visit the concerning pages of our website to see the real estate options.

    1. Properties for sale in Konyaalti

Konyaalti is the most touristic part of Antalya. The luxury villas here are newly built. The apartments and villas for sale get more expensive when they are closer to the coastal areas. If you have no financial concerns, we recommend you buy a luxury villa with sea view or a modern apartment on the top floor where you can watch the sunset and sunrise with a wonderful sea view.

In Konyaalti, you can buy a luxurious penthouse for sale as well. The most elite and luxurious neighbourhoods of Konyaalti are Hurma, Liman, Molla Yusuf, Altınkum, Arapsuyu, Gürsu, Sarısu, and Uncali.

Real estate in Sarısu and Hurma are more affordable compared to the rest. However, it is possible to find reasonable priced real estate in Uncali just like it is possible to find a luxurious villa with a swimming pool and sea view.

Holiday makers favour Konyaalti deeply as well. There are many holiday homes for sale in Konyaalti where tourists spend a full summer with reasonable expenses instead of a two-weeks holiday in 5-star hotels.

    1. Properties for sale in Lara

Lara is another luxurious and elite part of Antalya to buy a property for sale in Turkey. It is possible to find a luxury villa, top floor modern apartments with sea view and detached villas with swimming pools here as much as reasonable moderate flats.

Just like Konyaalti, we cannot generalise any price of real estate in Lara. They might differ according to their locations, qualities, and ages. If your apartment or villa has a sea or city view, they are going to be pricier than a moderate flat on a regular street.

Another good side of Lara is the availability of various job opportunities. In Larta, you will see many offices and private companies. If you want to start a business or carry out an existing one, Lara is a great option for you to buy property in Turkey. You can buy a commercial property in Lara as well.

The best neighbourhoods in Lara to live are Fener, Kondu, Guzeloba, Guzelbag, Altıntas, Caglayan.

Çağlayan offers you modern luxurious apartments with sea view just near the cliffs. Each time you look outside of your window, you will see that it is worth the extra money you paid. Guzeloba is one of the most residential neighbourhoods in Lara with modern apartments with a swimming pool and villas for sale. If you want to find a cheap property for sale in Lara, we recommend you Guzeloba, which offers the lowest price-ranges.

Buying luxury houses with full facilities in Turkey

Investment in Turkey, for a bright future

    1. Properties for sale in Kepez

Kepez is where you can find cheap houses for sale+

in Turkey. Kepez is not only affordable, but very residential. It is a growing part in Antalya. Many projects are carried out here actively, which means that there are bargain priced investment property here.

In Kepez, you can find a wide range of property for sale in Turkey. Most of the houses here are not walking distance to sea and older, which keeps the prices reasonable. However, due to the increasing demand of Turkish property, there are many newly built houses as well.

If you want to keep the pricing rage as low as possible, we recommend you taka a look at the houses further from the sea levels and the flats on ground floors. If you don’t have any luxurious expectations, they are going to be perfect for you as you will still get to enjoy the Antalya city to a full extend.

Kepez is quickly growing each year. You would be surprised to see its growth and advancement in the recent years. Thus, it is a wise investment property. The houses won’t likely to be this cheap in the next a couple of years.

The best neighbourhoods to buy properties in Kepez are Göksu, Karşıyaka, Altınova, Varsak, Kültür, Yeşilyurt and, Gülveren.

Kültür, Yeşilyurt, and Gülveren are perfect for you if you are a university student and want to buy a property for sale in Turkey. They have walking distance from the Akdeniz University. Yeşilyurt and Gülveren have family houses as well but Kültür is full of a young student population. It has a unique energy.

properties in Göksu, Karşıyaka, Altınova, and Varsak are more residential. They are perfect for an affordable lifestyle. However, you can find luxury apartments with swimming pools in some parts as well. They are closer to Antalya Airport. There are multiple huge malls like Mall of Antalya and Agora nearby if you like spending time shopping with your family.

    1. Properties for sale in Muratpaşa

Muratpaşa is located right at the city centre. There are various options for you if you want to live in the city centre of Antalya. Here you can find both luxurious apartments for sale with sea view and pool and reasonable priced moderate apartments.

The closer the property is to the sea, the cheaper it is. If you want to find cheap houses for sale in Turkey, wee recommend you check out the apartments distanced from the sea in Muratpaşa.

The cheaper areas to buy property in Muratpaşa can be listed as Altındag, Kiziltoprak, Meltem, Kırcami, Bahçelievler, Konuksever, and Zümrütova.

The easiest transportation will be possible for you if you live in the neighbourhoods of Muratpaşa. As it is the city centre, all the busses pass through here very often. Plus, the famous Old Town is located here. You can visit there anytime to have an enjoyable time in both luxurious and moderate restaurants, bars, and nigh clubs.

Well-built towns with facilities in Turkey

Well-built towns with facilities in Turkey

  1. Properties for sale in Belek – the golf dream

Belek is located around 30 kilometres from Antalya Airport. It is a small but luxurious and modern town with huge hotels. Each year, thousands of tourists visit Belek for many things it offers to each of them. Belek even regains some of its visitors as settlers.

Lying on the Mediterranean coastline, Belek offers a wonderful climate and marvellous natural beauties. If you like warm weathers and sunshine, living here will be like a gift to you.

While mentioning Belek, one cannot possibly ignore the famous golf course culture here. Each of the 5-star hotels have their own golf courses and offer special holiday packages that include activities and a golf training.

Living in Belek as a golf enthusiast is thus a great opportunity. Belek is advancing into becoming a world leader when it comes to golf course. If you buy a golf property for sale in Turkey Belek, you will see that it helps you get so close to your dreams.

One of the best things about Belek is the security you will find in your property for sale here. Belek is the safest city of all the ones we mention in this article.

  1. Properties for sale in Alanya – the modern city of historical castle

Alanya is located around 120 kilometres from the Antalya Airport on the eastern side. It has so much to offer as well. Alanya will welcome you with a unique culture and way of life as well as all the gorgeous characteristics of Mediterranean climate.

You can buy a moderate apartment or a luxury villa for sale in Alanya. Alanya is a modern and elite city but here you can get to enjoy nature as well. Alanya is for everybody. If you don’t have problems with the summer heat or occasional winter rains, you will love Alanya no matter what.

You can find moderate and reasonably priced apartments on the inner parts of the city. A ground floor flat will be even cheaper. You can also get a luxury villa with sea view and private swimming pool here. Alanya offers all kinds of alternatives to anyone who is planning to buy a real estate for sale in Turkey.

All the villas for sale in Alanya you can find in our website have swimming pools, security systems, tastefully decorated bedrooms, living rooms, handy kitchens, and multiple balconies with sea and city view. If you prefer a more modern life, you can also check out our modern and luxurious apartments that carry the same qualities. Both apartments and villas for sale in Alanya have their own advantages over the other one. Which one you should choose is completely up to your personal needs and requests.

Another great side of real estates for sale in Alanya is the profit you can make out of it. The high-quality villas and apartments here gain value quickly. Buying an investment property is thus very profitable.

Alanya offers great job opportunities as well. You will get the best conditions and support to start your own business here. You can also give tourism related businesses a chance as they offer high profits and big advantages. You can also find a commercial property for sale in Turkey Alanya.

If you prefer a luxury villa, Bektash, Kargicak, Mahmutlar, Avsallar, and the city centre are the best options for you. Villas in these neighbourhoods offer sea view, mountain view, and city view. They have private swimming pools and shared swimming pools. They offer easy access to the city centre and other close districts.

You can get moderate and luxurious apartments for sale in Alanya in Mahmutlar, Oba, Tosmur, Kestel, Cikcilli, Avsallar, Kargicak, and the city centre. Some has sea and mountain views and swimming pools, and some are studio apartments on ground floor. Check out website for further information and more varied options.

  1. Properties for sale in İzmir – a glimpse of paradise

İzmir is one of the biggest cities in Turkey, the third to be more particular. It lies on Aegean costs, leaving space for a wonderful climate with over 6 months of summer. If you like warm weathers, İzmir is a great alternative of Antalya in Aegean Region.

The life in İzmir is always busy and lively. The universities multiply its motion with students and social life. The settlers in İzmir are very colourful. You can see people who have moved to this big city from all around Turkey and world, pursuing advantages and opportunities.

İzmir also offers varied tourism options. Tourism is very advanced in the city due to its huge cultural and historical heritage, modernity, and climate. You can spend your holiday in 5-star luxurious hotels with sea view, you can rent villas, or you can buy a property for sale in Turkey İzmir and use it as a holiday home.

Properties for sale in Karsiyaka

Properties for sale in Karsiyaka is a wonderful district in İzmir. You can drive here from the city centre as well, but we suggest you take a ferry ride across the sea. It is very cheap and enjoyable, and it lasts around 15 minutes to reach the other side while a car ride lasts around 25. These ferries have a unique and interesting culture of their own. Make sure you have some simit (Turkish bagel) with you to feed the seagulls during your trip. They have gotten so used to this and therefore tons of them follow each ferry passing by.

Karsiyaka is the most elite part of İzmir. Here you can find many luxurious apartments and villas for sale. Donanmacı, Mavisehir, Atakent, and Gümüspala are some of its best neighbourhoods. You can find sea view houses for sale with shared swimming pool in these neighbourhoods. The houses further from the coastal areas are naturally more affordable. In Karsiyaka, you can have a beautiful life for yourself and your family. Karsiyaka is very similar to Lara in Antalya, they both offer high life qualities as well as opportunities though the price-range of a property for sale in Karsiyaka is two times as much as that of Lara’s.

Buying a house in the best logic of Turkey

Beauty and peace hidden in the heart of Turkey

Properties for sale in Konak

Konak is a central and modern part of the city. It is always lively. In Alsancak neighbourhood, you will see hundreds of youngsters lying on the grass in big groups, having drinks and enjoyable conversations along with a wonderful sea view. You can also try the various restaurants, bars, and cafes near the Aegean Sea. Konak also has many sorts of cultural activities to offer. You can find museums, cinemas, theatres here as well as concept cafes such as board game cafes. Konak is an elite part of Izmir, which leads the price range of properties for sale in Konak to be relatively higher.

Properties for sale in Bornova

Bornova is the city centre. The apartments here have wide price ranges between mid to high and we cannot categorise the neighbourhoods as cheap or expensive. Bornova is very busy and lively due to the university students. You can find affordable flats here as well as modern apartments. Price of a property for sale in Turkey differ widely and so does Bornova.

If you want cheap houses for sale in Turkey, Buca in Izmir might be a good option for you. Buca is a residential part of İzmir. Most of the houses here are not newly built, though you can find them as well. Buca has been growing in the recent years dur to the new projects concerning it. You can easily find affordable flats in Buca and benefit from the wonders Izmir offers to you.

Properties for sale in Cesme

Cesme is a touristic part of İzmir where you can find a luxury villa for sale with an Aegean Sea view and swimming pool. Alacati is a wonderful neighbourhood in Cesme. It is very small yet wonderful. Alacati is highly elite and luxurious. You can find tons of wonderful villas here in order side by side. If you want a property for sale in Cesme with a sea view or if you want to have a walking distance from the sea, Alacati is perfect. We strongly recommend you visit Delikli Koy as well. Alacati has so much to offer with its white sand beaches and biggest night clubs in İzmir. Alacati is wonderful to have a wonderful time in your holiday home by the sea.

Properties for sale in Karaburun

Karaburun is another beautiful part of İzmir that possesses natural riches to a great extent, which leads it to be a touristic peninsula. Compared to Alacati, we can say that Karaburun is more affordable and economical. You can buy a holiday villa here with a sea view and swimming pool and spend your holidays freely in peace.

Properties for sale in Dikili

Dikili is another option that is ornamented with natural riches and a comfortable life with good standards. Your villa for sale or apartments for sale in Dikili will give you great opportunities to have an enjoyable time. Plus, the real estate in İzmir Dikili is relatively easier to afford.

Properties for sale in Guzelbahce

Guzelbahce is another luxurious part of Izmir that has tons of villas with swimming pools and a sea view. The price range of properties for sale in Guzelbahce varies between mid to high. Your house for sale in Guzelbahce might be surrounded with jungles and sea.

Properties for sale in Urla

And the last, but not least, Urla. Urla is located around 35 kilometres from İzmir centre. It possesses natural wonders. In Urla, you can get a luxury villa in its fishing villages such as Özbek. The villages in Urla are all unique and worth seeing. Bademler, Gülbahçe and Balıkova are other villages in Urla İzmir you need to see.

Your property for sale in Urla may have a wonderful sea view. If you have no financial concerns, you can buy a villa with island view near the Gulf of İzmir. You can also take ferry rides from Urla and enjoy the culture we have just mentioned.

Urla has many colourful festivals as well. They give big importance to fish, wine, olive, olive oil, and herbs. In Urla, we suggest you join the Artichoke Festival and 9 March Herb Festival.

Another interesting place in Urla is the Quarantine Island, built by the French as a protection from the epidemic of the time during the Ottoman Period. Zafer Street is also highly recommended with unique artists. This is an art street.

The famous Hollywood star Angelina Jolie and the professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo have a villa in Saklıkoy – Urla as well. Urla is a wonderful option for a holiday home.

  1. Properties for sale in Bodrum – the romance of a lifetime

“When you reach the top of the hill, you will see Bodrum. Don’t assume that you’ll leave as you came. The others before you were the same, too. As they departed, they all left their souls behind.”

This quote of The Fisherman of Halicarnassus will welcome you as soon as you get nearby of this marvellous treasure of Turkey.

Bodrum is a romantic town located on the southern west side of Turkey, in the Aegean Region. New York Times has referred to Bodrum as “Saint-Tropez region in Turkey”. With a mixture of Mediterranean and Aegean climates, here you can forget about the long snowy winters forever. The summers of Bodrum are hot, leading the tourism to advance greatly. Yet, the weather won’t be as humid as that of Antalya. The winters last short and they are warmer than most of the cities in Turkey.

Selling a house in Turkey

A view of the attractive skyscrapers of Turkey

After you see some images of this wonderful town, you might fall in love with it instantly. Thus, your choice of property for sale in Turkey might be in Bodrum. You can settle here permanently and spend all your days peacefully or you can get a holiday home in Bodrum and spend your summer holidays with your family in this beautiful seaside town.

Bodrum is not only romantic and beautiful, but also very historical and modern at the same time. Ancient Greet historian, was living in this area. The Castle of St. Peter, Bodrum Castle, Mausoleum, and many other structures make the city look like a living history.

The cultural activities are also various in Bodrum. We recommend you join the International Ballet Festival as well as Bodrum Barok Music Festival and Bodrum Herb Festival.

As for the neighbourhoods to live, Bodrum has many beautiful places where you can have wonderful life standards, feeling like you actually live in paradise. You can use the luxurious modern port for transportation in Bodrum. We recommend you to try the Italian restaurants and all the authentic cuisine they offer.

If you don’t have any financial concerns, Bodrum has a lot of luxurious wonders and stylistic villas for sale for you. What you need to know is that Bodrum requires the highest price-ranges of all the cities we are listing in this article.

Properties for sale in Yalikavak

Yalikavak, 18 kilometres from Bodrum, is an option for a luxury life standard in Bodrum. With tons of hotels and holiday homes, Yalikavak has tourism as the main occupation. The neighbourhood welcomes you with extraordinary natural views. Your holiday home in Yalikavak will be ready for you each year, with its marvellous sea view and swimming pool. The price range here is very high.

Properties for sale in Turgutreis

Turgutreis might be your new neighbourhood as well with its high end, seafront, modern apartments. Turgutreis is a residential neighbourhood rather than touristic, your family will live here comfortably with a sea view.. However, you will see many tourists wandering around. The price range here is very high.

Properties for sale in Ortakent

Ortakent Yahchi, another modern and marvellous neighbourhood has great villas and apartments for sale. Ortakent Yahchi is both residential and touristic. There are various 5-star hotels as well as sea front high end apartments and luxury villas with pools in Bodrum Ortakent Yahchi.

Properties for sale in Golturkbuku

Golturkbuku is another treasure that Mother Nature has marked with Bodrum. It is 23 kilometres from Bodrum city centre and a popular holiday destination of tourists from all over the world. With villas, high end apartments and 5-star hotels parallel to the Aegean Coasts line. Buying a property for sale in Turkey Bodrum will help you access these great advantages.

  1. Properties for sale in Trabzon – Mother Nature’s pearl

Trabzon is very different of a city compared to the ones that we have mentioned up till now. The first reason for this distinction is its location in northeaster Turkey. Trabzon lies on the coast of Black Sea Region, making the city humid each season. The summers are hot and humid while the winters are cold and humid. The most distinguishing feature of the city is its long-lasting rains in each season which you will peacefully watch from your window of your property for sale in Trabzon.

If you are one of the people who adore rain and love to read a book by the window with a sip of warm beverages, you are lucky. You can spend these types of days by your window watching a marvellous sea view and cliff view in your property for sale in Trabzon.

The city has a long history of Roman, Byzantium and Ottoman Empires and a unique rooted culture. You can find vital facilities and services all around the city easily such as hospitals, national and international schools, and all kinds of shopping alternatives. Transportation is not an issue in the city regardless of the highlands and hills all around.

In Trabzon you will never get bored. If you buy a property for sale in Trabzon, you can join the annual Trabzon International Black Sea Theatre Festival. You can wonder around the city, go to museums, movies, and art galleries.

Ortahisar is the central neighbourhood to buy a villa or apartment for sale in Trabzon. You can find many historical monuments, museums, and all kinds of structures here. Ortahisar is wonderful with great views and cliffs, and it is a popular place for real estate projects. If you like rainy weathers and beautiful sea views on cliffs, buying a property for sale in Turkey Ortahisar will grand this opportunity to live side by side to these marvels.

Another place that nature ornaments in Trabzon is Yamra, where you can get an apartment or villa for sale with a sea, valley, and cliff view. In Yamra, you can socialize with your family and friends in restaurants and cafes with sea view. Kaşüstü, Oymalitepe, Özdil, and Atatürk are the best neighbourhoods within.

Akçaabat, 14 kilometres from the Trabzon city centre, also offers marvellous natural views. You can have a nice weekend in seaside cafes and restaurants here.

  1. Pros & Cons of Properties for sale in Turkey by each city









Job opportunities

Job opportunities

World class golf courses

Perfect fusion of big city and nature

Perfect fusion of big city and nature

Peaceful heaven-like town

Variety of cuisine combined with seafood

Advanced transportation

Advanced tourism

Peaceful environment

Advanced tourism

Lively social life

Tourism & lively daily life

Authentic culture

Luxury and elite lifestyle

Sunshine all year long

Sunshine all year long

Sunshine all year long

Unique culture

Sunshine all year long

Characteristic weather & cosy lifestyle

Cultural and social centre

Multiple options for luxury and moderate

Natural wonders

Elite, luxurious, and cultural life

Job opportunities

Natural wonders

Natural wonders and infinite forestry









Heavy traffic & relatively crowded

Very hot during summers

Very hot during summers

Very hot during summers

Colder winters

Very hot during summers

Colder winters

Busy lifestyle

Population increases during summers

Small city

Population increases during summers

Relatively costly

Small city

Heavy rain

Relatively costly

Less cultural activities

Relatively crowded (city centre)


Less multilingual

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