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Buy Property in Kemer in a small Butik Apartament


Buy Property in Kemer in a small Butik Apartament built in accordance with international quality standards. If you are interested in buying real estate in Kemer, please contact our sales managers.

Property Nr.
Completion year
1+1, 2+1
60 - 90 m²
Price from 135,000 €
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Buy an Apartment in Kemer near the sea


Buy an Apartment in Kemer at a price of 87.000 euros. If you are interested in buying real estate in Kemer, please contact our sales managers.

Property Nr.
Completion year
90 m²
Price 147,000 €
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house in Kemer is for sale with swimming pool


house in Kemer is for sale with swimming pool is surrounded by coniferous forest and mountains that come close to the sea.

Property Nr.
Completion year
2+1 duplex
110 m²
Price 156,000 €
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Discover all about Property for sale in Kemer

Kemer is a luxurious and beautiful city 45 km from Antalya, which remained abandoned until 1980 because it had no land route to Antalya. After the Turkish government decided to build a land road from Antalya to Kemer in 1980 and spent a lot of money to change the infrastructure of Kemer, the way was gradually opened for foreign tourists who visited Antalya and Kemer became more and more known day by day.

Currently, a wall of several kilometers divides the region into two parts. The reason for the construction of this wall was to prevent floods. Kemer has a climate similar to Antalya, except that Kemer is cooler than Antalya and has a mild Mediterranean mountain climate. The weather is sunny most days of the year, but it rains a lot during the rainy season.

The air temperature rarely reaches 35°C in summer and the average summer temperature is usually 27°C, which is cooler than Antalya.

Kemer is one of the ancient and historical cities of Turkey, which dates back to 700 years before Christ. Before the independence of Turkey, this city was called Greek Idros, but after the independence, it was changed to Kemer, which means wall.

For information on the price and terms of buying other types of real estate for sale, refer to the Buy Real Estate in Kemer.

Clock tower in Kemer city

Clock tower in Kemer city

Currently, Kemer has a special place as one of the most luxurious and touristic cities in Turkey. This city has achieved a 710% growth in the kemer property sales market in the last three years. People from Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Holland and Scandinavian countries are among the applicants to properties for sale in Kemer.

If you are also interested in buying and selling properties in Kemer and would like to make long-term and short-term investments on Turkish real estate through buying and selling properties in Kemer, this article can be useful for you.


Features of properties for sale in Kemer

Kemer is located in a unique place - between the mountains and the sea. The construction area in this city is limited and it is not possible to build in all parts of it. Most parts of this city are natural environment and forests.

Turkish authorities are concerned about the development of illegal constructions in Kemer. Only construction companies with a good reputation are allowed to build in Kemer, so that they have high quality construction and illegal buildings that cause environmental damage are not built in this area.

The price of buying a property in Kemer is at the commercial level + and the level of elite areas. The price of buying a property in Kemer is very high, but this price is really worth it.

Most of the houses for sale in Kemer are built and sold at a low height. The maximum height of buildings in this city is 3 or 4 floors. Most of the buildings are built in European style.

In Kemer, special attention is paid to the architecture of recreational complexes. Most Europeans work as architects and reputable European construction companies are engaged in construction in Kemer.

In this sense, we can mention the Concept-House collection that the Danes designed. This complex consists of 8 separate buildings on 2 and 3 floors.

Another special feature of properties for sale in Kemer is stylish decoration and furniture. Due to the fact that most of the applicants for buying and selling properties are Europeans, the exterior of the buildings and the interior architecture are made according to the style and taste of the Europeans.

See the sales conditions and prices of apartments in Kemer on the following page:

Properties for sale in Kemer city center

Although Kemer is a relatively small city on the southern coast of Turkey, it is a very lively city and there are tourists in this city almost all year round.

There is also a beach in the center of Kemer city, and the beach is a pebble, with sand poured in bulk in different parts of it. Kemer beaches have all the beach facilities, including pavilions, sunbeds, cozy cafes, restaurants, etc.

To travel to other cities, you can use the main bus station in Kemer, which goes to Antalya. Also, you can use the Migros 5 shopping center special station that takes people from Kemer to this shopping center.

In addition, there are buses that the people of Kemer use to go to other nearby areas, including Beldibi, Camyova, Tekirova, Guynuk, etc.

Boat ride in Kemer Antalya

Boat ride in Kemer Antalya

Kemer also has a marina where there are more than 150 boats. These yachts are used to take tourists to the recreational and historical areas of Kemer through sea water and usually take their passengers to Olympos, Phaselis, Paradise bay and the pirates' cave.

There is also a aqua park, dolphinarium, beach park, etc. for the fun of friends in the Kemer city center.

In the center of the city of Kemer, there are all the necessary facilities and infrastructures for attractive and exciting entertainment. There are the best restaurants, cafes, bars and entertainment such as safari, diving, swimming, sailing, etc.

Unlike the areas around Kemer, which are usually visited by fewer tourists in the winter season, Kemer welcomes tourists all year round and is also a tourist destination in winter.

Most of the modern and new houses in Kemer are located in the city center or in its suburbs. Houses closer to the beach tend to be older.

Considering that there is no permission to build high-rise houses in Kemer, the price of buying a house in Kemer is relatively high.

If you intend to buy and sell a house in Kemer, just contact our experts in Antalya Estate to guide you in this field and sell your house for you if you wish.

See the price and terms of buying all kinds of villas for sale in Kemer on the following page:

Properties for sale in Arslanbucak

A very suitable neighborhood for buying and selling properties in Kemer, which has a more reasonable price than other areas of Kemer, is Arslanbucak area.

This area is located in the mountainous area of ​​Kemer and is far from the sea coast. Many schools have been built in this area, and most of the schools and high schools in Kemer are located in Arslanbucak.

Property for sale in Kemer

Canoeing on the coast of Kemer

Although the properties for sale in Arslanbucak are not facing the sea, they have their own fans. Because these properties are located in the heart of the mountainous area of ​​Kemer and its pine forests, which have made them have unique mountain views and experience a cooler climate during the summer season. Arslanbucak can be considered as the Kemer area.

If you decide to go from Arslanbucak to the sea coast, you don't need to go a long way to reach the sea, just walk for 30 minutes in the beautiful alleys of Arslanbucak and Kemer to reach Kemer beach.

Construction in Arslanbucak follows the construction law in Kemer, and there is no permission to build apartments and high-rise skyscrapers in this area. For this reason, most of the properties that are bought and sold in Aslanbucak have a low height and are at most three or four stories.

The peace and quiet of Aslanbucak, along with the hustle and bustle of the city center of Kemer, will create a very interesting and dreamy life for you. You can take refuge in the peace and quiet of Aslanbucak in the heart of the mountain and whenever you get bored, go to the center of Kemer for fun and entertainment.

Buying and selling properties in Aslanbucak is less prosperous like other areas of Kemer. In this area, house prices are lower than other areas.

Properties for sale in Beldibi

Among the different regions of Kemer, Beldibi is closer to Antalya than other regions and therefore receives more tourists.

Due to its proximity to Antalya, it is known earlier than other neighborhoods and areas of Kemer. This area is 20 kilometers away from Antalya and is located between Kemer and Antalya.

Beldibi has an ancient cave that most tourists who travel to Beldibi include visiting this cave as part of their plan. In addition to this cave, there are many statues and remains from the Paleolithic era that attract tourists.

Beldibi is also a very beautiful coastal area, which in addition to its beauty, the sea water and the beach itself are also very clean. This beach, like most of the coastal areas of Kemer, is pebble, and in some places, sand and gravel have been poured for the comfort of travelers and tourists.

Most of Beldibi's beaches are occupied by hotels, guesthouses, beach resorts, restaurants and shops; But near the beach there are several properties for sale that are very little distance from the beach.

Buying a property in the city of Kemer, Antalya

A view of the Kemer city of Antalya

Beldibi's lemon and orange farms are very famous and this area has very good conditions for citrus cultivation. Orange and lemon trees can be found in most of the houses for sale in Beldibi. If you intend to buy and sell a house in Beldibi, you should know that this area is one of the most expensive areas for buying and selling a property in Kemer.

The villas and apartments in Beldibi are luxurious and most of them have very good facilities for living. Many properties for sale in Beldibi are furnished and built with a variety of architecture.

Proximity to Konyaalti area of ​​Antalya has made Beldibi to have very good conditions for buying and selling properties in Kemer. If you want to sell the property you bought in Beldibi after some time, you don't need to worry about the property being sold late.

Considering that the amount of property buying and selling in Beldibi is high, roperties for sale in this area are usually sold very quickly and at a high price.

Daily price of all types of houses for sale in Turkey on the following page:

Properties for sale in Goynuk

Goynuk is actually a resort town near Kemer, which is located 7 kilometers from the east of Kemer. Goynuk is located 45 kilometers from Antalya Airport, and for this reason, many tourists who use Antalya Airport choose this area to stay.

Goynuk also has a very beautiful and clean beach, which is pebbled in most parts. Of course, for the comfort of children and families, sand has been poured in some places. The water temperature in summer is very suitable for swimming and sometimes the water temperature reaches 27 degrees Celsius. The way to access Goynuk to other areas and Kemer and Antalya is d400 highway.

Dinopark, which is located in Goynuk, has an area of ​​30 hectares and is a paleontological park where there are fossils of animals that have lived on earth since millions of years ago.

In this park, in addition to seeing these sculptures, there are many entertainments, including swimming pool, cafe, animation for children, trampoline, bungee jumping, a planetarium, 7D cinema, night shows and disco for adults.

Like other recreational areas in Kemer, Goynuk has a very beautiful nature, and green forests stretch from the mountains to the coast line, which give a very good view to this area. One of the popular tourist spots in Goynuk is the Goynuk Valley. This valley is very suitable for those who love swimming and rafting in a mountain river.

The ancient city of Phaselis, Paradise Bay, Mount Tahtali, etc. are also important tourist places near Goynuk. There is one thing about buying and selling houses in Goynuk, and that is that the coastline of this area has no residential houses built.

The entire beach is filled with hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and shops, and the villas and apartments of Goynuk are built further away from the beach and closer to the mountains. But the short distance to the beach, the presence of orange and pomegranate gardens, pine forests, etc., has made buying and selling properties in Goynuk very prosperous, and the price of buying a property in Goynuk is average compared to the price of buying a property in Kemer.

Properties for sale in Kiris

Kiris is a coastal village near Kemer, which is 5 kilometers away from the city center. The beach of Kiris is pebble, but for the comfort of families and children and for them to play, sand has been poured in bulk on the beach.

D400 highway can be used to transport from Kiris to other areas. In addition, regular buses travel from Kemer to Kiris. The distance between Kiris and Antalya Airport is about an hour's drive.

Selling a house in Kemer, Antalya

A photo of Kemer city beach in Antalya

Beautiful pine forests stretch from the mountains to the coast and create a wonderful view. In addition to these forests and natural landscapes, there are orange groves throughout the village, the aroma of which creates a very good feeling in the back alleys of Kirish. This natural feature has caused the price of buying and selling houses in Kirish to be high.

Most of the houses for sale in Kiris are villas and few apartments have been built in this village. Most of these villas have a green area or a private garden.

See the price and terms of buying apartments for sale in Turkey on the following page:

Properties for sale in Tekirova

Tekirova is an elite beach area 15 km from Kemer, which has a very clean and high purity beach. So that Tekirova beach has been able to receive the Blue Flag award. This area is luxurious and beautiful, and it is considered an excellent and luxurious vacation area in Kemer.

To go to Tekirova from Antalya and Kemer and vice versa, you can use the buses that travel from the D400 highway. There are many tourist attractions in Tekirova itself at a short distance from it.

Ecopark is a magnificent botanical park with hundreds of species of animals and plants. The ancient city of Phaselis and its beautiful beach, Mount Tahtali, which today is also known as Olympias, with the longest cable car in Europe, Olupinar, and the proximity to Cleopatra Bay have made this area popular among Turkish people and Europeans for buying and selling properties in Kemer. .

By buying a property in Tekirova, you can enjoy wonderful natural scenery such as the ridge of the Taurus Mountains, pine forests, the magnificent sea and the very good behavior of the people of this area with immigrants. Tekirova is very suitable for a quiet and quiet life.

If you have bought a house in this area and you are planning to sell your property in Tekirova, you don't need to worry about the sale. Tekirova lands are exclusive and therefore construction is limited.

This issue, along with the introduction of this area to tourists, has increased the price of buying a house in Tekirova. For this reason, buying and selling properties in Tekirova is booming.

Properties for sale in Camyova

One of the excellent settlements that is a very suitable area for buying and selling properties in Kemer is Camyova area. This settlement is located at a distance of 10 km from Kemer. Camyova is also a resort town with a population of 10,000. This area is 60 km away from Antalya.

Camyova also has a beach and there are many pine trees in it so that the meaning of Camyova is pine nest. In addition to pine trees, orange trees, palm trees and date palms are among the trees in this area.

Like other areas, Camyova beach is pebbled and sand has been poured in some parts of it. The coastline in Camyova connects to the sea with a gentle slope. To go to Antalya, you can use the buses that are located on the D400 highway and pass through this route. There is also a taxi to go to Kemer.

Daily price of all types of beach villas for sale in Turkey on the following page:

Buying a property in Kemer, Turkey

A view of the Kemer Sea in Antalya

The most important tourist place in Camyova is Paradise Bay. At night in September, a very beautiful natural phenomenon occurs in this beautiful bay, so many tourists prefer September in Camyova to see this sight.

In this month, at night, the surface of the water starts to shine in a dazzling and amazing way. This glow is caused by microorganisms that live on the surface of the sea.

The area around Camyova is great for a fun walk, as there are many ancient and ruined sites around the city that are fun to look at while walking. This area is calm and quiet, and for crowded and noisy entertainment, you should go to the center of Kemer.

In general, it can be said that this area is divided into two residential and tourist areas. In the residential area, there are many houses, some of which are for sale.

Camyova is loved by foreigners and the demand for buying and selling houses in Camyova is very high. If you are also planning to buy a house in Kemer, you can also visit the houses for sale in Camyova, which are relatively expensive.

How do I sell my property in Kemer?

When you decide to sell a property in Kemer, it is better to leave it to reputable real estate consultants who have years of experience in buying and selling properties in Kemer. Although Kemer is a popular area for foreigners and usually houses sell quickly.

You can personally travel to Kemer and sell your property. This may take some time and you don't know exactly how long you should be in the Kemer. There is another way to sell a house in Kemer.

You can call our contact numbers in Antalya Estate and mention the specifications and features of your house, and send us the property settlement document (Iskan) and copy of your passport via email or WhatsApp for home inspection.

After determining the expert price, the house sale contract is signed with the owner and your house is listed for introduction to the applicants

In the last few years, the house property sales market in Kemer has been very prosperous, whether you want to buy a house in Kemer or sell it, you can call Antalya Estate.

Also, to know the price and specifications of other types of properties for sale, refer to the Turkey Real Estate for Sale.

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