Turkey seeks to boost economic cooperation

Turkey seeks to boost economic cooperation

Turkey seeks to boost economic cooperation
Turkey and the Ivory Coast are to boost economic trade volume to 1$ billion by 2020 a Turkish official has said to Agency

Esra Demir Turkey s ambassador to the Ivory Coast was speaking two days ahead of president Recep Tayyip Erdogan s West African tour .

Ten years ago the number of Turkish investors in the Ivory Coast did not exceed the fingers of one hand but now investment has reached $1590 million she said

In 2015 the two presidents has decided to increase the trade volume between Turkey and the Ivory Coast to $ 1 billion by 2020 so I think we are on track because we recorded an increase of about 17 percent in our trade volume from $330 million to $390 million

Asked about the expected results of Erdogan s visit to the Ivory Coast the ambassador stated that she wants much more investment from both sides

since our embassy opened here in Abidjan in 2009 . our relation ship continue to intensify . At the beginning there was no signed agreement between the two countries now there are 11.

What is expected during this visit is the signing of other agreements because it is important to have a legal base to further relations the diplomat said adding that there will be a forum between economic operators form both countries during Erdogan s visit

I can not tell you how many agreement will be signed but we are working very intensively with Ivorian ministries to finalize them . The most important thing will be the agreement that regulate and facilitate economic operations she said

There will be two important agreement for economic operators which aim to avoid double taxation and prevent fiscal evasion . There will also be agreements on the promotion and protection of investments she said

Demir added that Turkey will continue its support for Ivory Coast in the fight against terrorism

Erdogan will visit Ivory Coast on February 28-29 Ghana on March1 and Nigeria March 2


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